Monday, March 23, 2015

The Spring Series Begins

OK - so this post is over a week late... the South Jersey Spring Series started two weekends ago.  It was supposed to start earlier than that, but Winter has been drunk lately and refuses to leave the party.  I mean, seriously, Winter... just go home and sleep it off.  We'll see you in a few months and won't even discuss that you tried to grab Summer's.... ahh, never mind.

For the team, our local Spring Series started with a bang!

Borda took the line for the 3/4 race on March 15th.  Just over a 6 mile circuit, the course may be flat (highway overpasses do NOT count as "hills), the famed south Jersey headwind is ALWAYS hanging about to try to knock you off your bike at the most inopportune moment.

It was a blustery day, but Borda managed to comfortably cover all of the attacks and conserve a lot of energy.  When it came down to the finish, she launched a strong sprint to bring home the team's first podium of 2015 with a 2nd place finish!

Borda and the Polish Pocket Rocket (Maria Dziembowska) lined up this weekend for the 3/4 race and again, things went swimmingly well for the Wasabi Warriors.  An early race solo break from Breigh on the Action Wheels Women's Team put the rest of the field on the defensive.  With some help, Borda was able to fight through the headwinds to catch her and solidify a small break group.  The six of them came to the line together and sprinted through a cross headwind.  Breigh showed her pure power by taking the win.  Borda crossed the line in 4th and Maria finished 8th on the day!

Borda then bundled herself back up, braved the ever increasing headwinds, and raced with the Choppah in the Open women's field.

A VERY early break occurred - about 4 minutes into the race, as we crested the "hill" of the first highway overpass!  The break comprised of the Choppah, Diane from Action Wheels, Lauren from H and H Racing, and Kristie from QCW.  A truly solid break with all of the teams represented, the four very quickly opened up a comfortable gap on the field.

Working together beautifully through the remaining laps, Choppah came to the line 2nd behind Lauren, securing the 2nd podium finish for the team in 2015!

As the field came to the line, Borda showed that she is "Strong Like Bull," by launching a powerful sprint.  As she comes to the line, head to head with Meg, the question is... will she, or won't she?!?

It was a SUPER close finish for the field sprint and 5th place, but Borda's powerful legs and awesome bike throw secured her 5th place in the Open field and put both CAWES riders in the money!  WOOT!

To say it was a good day of racing would be an understatement.  The best part is, we're together and having a blast.

A huge thank you and shout out to Matt Warner, who has turned this from a handful of small criterium races where we ladies lined up with the Master's Men, to a month long series where we have our own fields, a purse equal to that of the men, and absolutely gorgeous roads for racing.  Thank you, Matt... for your constant support of Women's racing in our region!

Watch for the Ladies in Lavender at next week's Spring Series races, and at the Navy Yard Criterium in South Philadelphia on April 4th.  Bring your cowbell, wear your purple and green, and cheer us on as we tackle the start of race season!

Sunday, March 8, 2015

The Long Long Winter

So, to say it's been a long winter would be putting it mildly.  Nothing has been mild about this winter.  From the low temps to the inches of snow... we've had our work cut out for us this year.  But, if we just look on the bright side of things... it's nearing it's end now!

Still, we've had lots and lots of this...

And, not nearly enough of this...

But, then... this happened.  Oh, Daylight Savings Time,  how we do love thee!
The sun came out, the roads dried up (well, mostly), and we got out for a ride with some of our favorite MAMBOs.  

Spring is coming.  Yes, indeed, it is.  And, the ladies of CAWES are ready for it.  Bring on the warm!!