Saturday, December 20, 2014

Final 2015 Roster Announcement!!

It's been a crazy end to the 2014 year!

The team has gone through quite a few changes as we've closed in on 2015... some of our Wasabi Warriors have decided to "retire" from the sport of cycling in order to take up Adventure Racing, Rock Climbing, Knitting, and Underwater Basket Weaving.  We're very sad to say goodbye to them, but we know that sometimes it's just time to hang up the cleats.  We send them off with tons and tons of love and best wishes...and the knowledge that there's always a bike seat in the CAWES training center with their name on it!  ;)

As 2015 approaches, we are excited to announce the official 2015 race team roster.

Returning to the team as the premiere diesel engine and wearer of the most stylish party outfits imaginable... Mrs-soon-to-be-Dr. Kristin Borda!

Straight off her tour of the best parties at Lee-McRae College, forever the youngest member of the CAWES squad and our resident track and dirt specialist... Kati Lawrence!  

Responsible for the worst joke telling this side of the Mississippi (but, at least she can spell Mississippi), and the team aficionado of all things pig (and chicken?) related... Sarah Iepson!

And now for the new additions...

You've already met one of them, and the others will get their official blog introductions soon enough... just hold your horses.

Straight from eating more peanut butter in a month than most small European countries manage in a full year, with more power than she knows what to do with (not to worry, we'll help with that!), Beth Bonilla!

Slowly trying to take over Choppah's position as resident cat lady on the team (just kidding, she only has one... for now), we welcome the petite and punchy Polish powerhouse, Maria Dziembowska!

And last, but certainly not least... our top-secret (well, not anymore) tactician and the blonde bombshell, Meredith Ehn!

We are looking forward to an amazing 2015 year!  We are super grateful to our new and returning sponsors for making this year a reality...

Ambient Group

See you on the road!!!