Monday, September 22, 2014

Year End Report

Good morning... Choppah here with your 2014 year end report!

It was an exciting year for the team and we're super happy about how it went and how things are already shaping up for 2015.

The team brought home 17 podium finishes this year, including 4 wins, 1 NJ State Master's Championship Jersey, and a bit of cash for the kitty.

We raced in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware, New York, Maryland, Virginia, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Nebraska, and Illinois.

We competed in two major Professional Race Series events: The Tour of America's Dairyland and the Intelligentsia Cup Prairie State Cycling Series.

We supported the Special Olympics Event and Junior's Day Out in Sykesville, Maryland: an event that we truly love and feel strongly about.  Even with a steady drizzle all day, the event was a real success and we had a GREAT time!!

We helped our favorite bike shop - Twenty 20 - and it's awesome crew pull off the wicked awesome Charm City Cross event on a perfectly warm September weekend (it was WAY too hot for 'cross, but, what can you do?!?!).

We hope that we made our amazing sponsors proud... because we can't possibly do it without all of their support!
- We can't stay hydrated without CeraSport!
- Our bikes would look and sound like creaky old messes if it weren't for ProGold!
- We wouldn't have bikes AT ALL if it weren't for Specialized!  And, they protect our feets-ies and our noggins, too!
- Our new kits were amazing thanks to VERGE Sport - and after chatting with Mike Magur at Charm City this weekend, we're even more excited to help give feedback on the newest iteration of their clothing line!!
- Those awesome new VERGE chamois are kept lubed and comfy with Crotchguard!
- Rudy Project keeps our eyeballs safe and protected.  Plus, we look HOT in those things!
- Keeping the rubber side down is so easy with Maxxis tires, and we just love the way they roll!
- Dr. George - Chiropractor extraordinaire, keeps us on the straight and narrow!
- Extreme Endurance keeps our legs fresh and fast!
- Teaism - our favorite fueling station... and those cookies... oooooh, the cookies!!
- Beyer Kia in Alexandria and Falls Church - the top secret Kia to our success!  Plus, they have hamsters driving their cars... which also come in lime green.  How cool is THAT?!?!

We're so lucky to have such fantastic sponsors to work with!  We hope that we can share the love for these awesome folks with all of you - visit their sites, their businesses, try the product.  We promise you... you can't go wrong!!

Thanks for an awesome 2014!  We can't wait for the next year to begin!

Monday, September 1, 2014

It's Labor Day!

Yep... and we all know what that means...

Summer is officially coming to an end.

School is back in session, the weather is getting cooler (haha, just kidding - Indian Summer approacheth!), Christmas decorations are beginning to appear in stores (What the HECK?!?!), and the road racing season draws slowly to a close.

All in all... it was a pretty good year for the ladies of CAWES!

Despite some injury setbacks for Badger, BadKat, and BChan, the team nonetheless managed to find the podium at several races, race hard in quite a few pro level events, and even bring home a State Championship jersey!

We're not QUITE done yet, of course... the start of September also brings us into some of our favorite events of the year - the Special Olympics/Junior's Day Out event in Sykesville, MD, and helping out our favorite local shop Twenty 20 to make sure that Charm City Cross goes off smoothly!

A few of the ladies will be clipping in to race some cross - others have a few more road races in the mix - even more are already preparing for off-season training, which apparently includes something about eating funnel cake...

We are ever grateful to our amazing sponsors for helping to make this year possible.  Without their support, and the awesome support of our friends and families, we wouldn't be able to enjoy the time that we share on our bikes and together as a team.

We can't wait to do it all again next year!  And, don't worry - we'll have some special announcements about 2015 soon enough!  :)