Monday, June 16, 2014

Race Avenue

The team descended upon the Race Avenue Criterium in Lancaster, PA in force.  Borda, Bad Kat, Kati, BChan, Choppah, and Badger all took to the line for a fast four corner crit with a looooong stretch to the finish line that included a long drag of an uphill.

With a few tactics in our pocket, we knew that we were the largest team in the peloton and that folks would be looking to us to do some work and make things happen.  As we are never interested in disappointing any of our friends and wicked awesome competitors, we made sure to use our firepower to make the race exciting and fun.

A few laps into the race, we began to launch attacks and counter attacks to try to get a small break to stick.  Though we got ladies off the front several times, we weren't able to make a break work with an peloton that was extremely attentive.  Our best attempts happened with 8 to go and 3 to go when Choppah got away for about three laps and Borda took a solo flyer up until hearing the bell on the final lap.

Heading into the final lap, we got our sprint train together.  It was a good attempt, but we got swarmed heading into the third turn and when Choppah came through turn four to the finish straight, the train had been infiltrated!  ;)

Nonetheless, Bad Kat found some good wheels and made it up the hill to the finish for a strong 6th place.

While we didn't have the finish we would have liked... and we lost Badger and Kati halfway through the race to a crash... we still had a strong showing.  I guess Badger wanted to give her Specialized helmet an unscheduled crash test.  Thankfully, her beautiful noggin' was protected by the awesomeness that is the Specialized Prevail helmet.  We're so grateful to have such amazing equipment!!

One awesome part of races like this is hearing from your friends and competitors that they thought we did a great job.  We can't wait to see the photos from the race, as we're sure that some of our photographically inclined friends got some GREAT shots of our aggressive racing.

The best part?  Being together as a team.  There's NOTHING like lining up alongside women that you adore and knowing that everything you do out there is for the team.  We're all super grateful to have a strong bond on the bike and off.

Up next?  BChan, Little D, and Choppah take to the land of cheese and beer for some wicked fast crits.  We're talking about ToAD, people!  The posts will be forthcoming while we're there!

Monday, June 9, 2014

Nebraska, Philadelphia, Arlington, Riverton... we race everywhere!

The Wasabi Warriors have been busy over the past few weekends.  We've raced in local State Championships, Stage Races, Professional Criteriums, the Largest Women's Professional Race in the Nation, and even hopped in with the boys for some speed work.  It's been a blast, and we're happy to write you up a quick little report here...

BadKat joined Mellow Mushroom as a guest rider for the Parx Casino Phillly Cycling Classic.  Lining up with some of the best female riders in the Nation and from around the globe, BadKat had a wicked awesome race, finishing just a few minutes off the lead riders after tackling the Manayunk Wall 5 times.  FIVE TIMES!!!  That 17% grade rips your legs off when you do it once... our fierce little Kat tore her way up that monster with the best women in the world 5 times.  FIVE TIMES!!!

Here's BadKat (on the far side by the blue barriers) ripping it up Lemon hill!

Little D has been out in Minnesota tearing up the local circuit!  She's raced more in the past few weeks than most people do in an entire season.  Turns out those northern folks know how to do this racing thing right!  Well... when there isn't 11 feet of snow on the ground!  ;)


Borda and Choppah hit the road for the NJ State Road Race.  After launching numerous attacks and trying to get the field to split up for the break, they settled in for a sprint finish.

Choppah took 3rd in the 1/2/3 Women's race thanks to an amazing leadout by Borda, scoring a lovely bronze medal!  :)

Kati headed to Arlington to put in a bid against the Pro women at the Air Force Cycling Classic crits.  Clarendon Cup - which has 5 turns in a 1K loop is probably one of the hardest races in the NRC/NCC circuit.  And, with the pro women's teams lining up at the front to set a blistering pace, it's a race in which the field often shrinks by nearly half before the finish.  Kati raced her rear end off on Saturday before heading to the Crystal Cup in downtown Arlington on Sunday.  A new course for this year, the race was fast and furious and Kati had a great weekend of racing in preparation for the onslaught that is ToAD!

Choppah had intended to scream around Arlington with Kati, but life got in the way a bit.  With no women's races on the local circuit, she found herself lining up with the Cat 3/4 men at the Riverton Crit.  This course is AWESOME!  With 6 corners and flat straightaways, it's a great course for testing the legs and cornering skills and is another race of attrition.  Though 55 riders started the race, only 37 were placed at the end of the day.   Fast and furious!  The boys were absolute gentlemen out there, and though she wasn't able to stay with the front pack of 20 riders, she managed to stay in the race for a 34th place finish (not even DFL!!).

It was a GREAT day and got her really psyched up for the trip out to Wisconsin for ToAD in two weeks!

What's next for the Wasabi Warriors?  

BChan, Little D, Kati, and Choppah are headed to Wisconsin for the Tour of America's Dairylands.  10 days of racing and lots of cheese!  WHEE!!!