Saturday, April 19, 2014

Early Season Races and Stuff


The Choppah here... giving you a little rundown of what we've been up to so far this year.  Sorry to pack it all into one quick post... I promise that we'll get our act together to post more often soon!

And now, please bear with me as I speak about myself in the 3rd person...

OK... so here we go.

South Jersey Spring Series:

Borda, Choppah, SaraB, and BChan all kitted up in the freezing tail end of winter to race the South Jersey Spring Series.  Held through the month of March, the race included a crit each weekend with points contributing to a series podium.

Borda and SaraB practiced their pack riding, cornering, and attacking-like-bats-outta-hell skillz in the 3/4 race.  In the final day of racing, Borda picked up a wicked awesome 4th place finish.

Choppah and BChan spent their time gasping for air while trying to hold the wheel of some super fast 45+ men!  Choppah finished the series with two 3rd place finishes and one 4th place finish.  This was enough to earn 2nd overall in the series and to earn some fast miles in the legs to prep for the "real" races ahead!

Meanwhile... Badger was spending time in SPAIN!!!  That lucky little mammal got to ride some of the most gorgeous roads in Europe with our dear friend SaraZ!  She came back with legs like these from all the climbing:

But, don't stare... she's worried that her muscles got too big.

The team lined up en masse last weekend at Chantilly and Dolan for some wicked racing with the ladies of MABRA!

Mitch captured a 3rd place podium finish at Chantilly on Saturday.

Dolan was a great race - we were in every move that went off for the day... unfortunately, we didn't have the firepower for the finish!

But, there's this that you can watch:

Fun stuff.

OK... that's it for now.  More soon, we promise!!