Sunday, July 28, 2013

Feeling HOT HOT HOT!

It's one thing to gradually get used to increasing heat when you're training and racing from May into July.  It's another thing entirely to be completely off the bike due to a major injury only to decide to jump back into training and racing when it's 90 degrees in mid-summer.  Yep, that's what I did this year.

It would have been an awful experience, except that I have a secret weapon...


This stuff is pretty amazing.  It keeps me majorly hydrated even when it's super hot out!  And, since my body didn't really get the chance to adjust or adapt to the heat, it's been a godsend to have Cerasport in my bottles.

You should totally give this stuff a try... if you're looking for a new drink to sample, go to Ceraport's website and use the coupon code "CAWES" to get a little friendly discount!

Thanks to the awesome folks at Cerasport for making wicked delicious products!

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Don't Call It A Comeback!

It's been a while since there's been a Porkchop post on the team Blog.  That's mainly because I've spent the last few months laid up with a rather debilitating back/hip/leg/nerve injury.  I spared all of you the gruesome details of my injury, therapy, and recovery, though you're more than welcome to read all about it on my blog here, if you're so inclined.

Now, on to the reason for my post today...

I have recently been back on the bike.  Thanks to many people for getting me out there, for riding with me, for encouraging me, for reminding me to take it easy and listen to my body.  There are too many of you to count, but you know who you are.  Thank you.

I decided that, since I was feeling better, I would try to hop in a race.  I thought that any race with the wicked fast women of the typical 1/2/3 field would leave me popped off the back and pulled.  So, I decided to hop into a 65 mile Master's State Championship Road Race in which all of the women's master's fields raced with the Men's 55/65+.

Let's see... no racing since April, barely any riding except for the past two weeks, enter a 65 mile road race.  Yep, sounds like something I would do.

The saving grace was that it was flat.  Pancake flat.  

Mmmm.... pancakes....


Anywho... it was a good day.  I managed to comfortably cover all of the accelerations, confidently sit in the middle of a 50 rider pack, stay in the top 15-20 the whole day, and... finish 15th overall, 2nd out of all of the women, and FIRST in the 35+!

So, my first race back included a podium and a shiny new State Champion jersey!  Wahoo!!!

Now, to get back out there with the rest of the team, kickin' butt and takin' names!!

Thanks, as always to Specialized for making the wicked fast and ever maneuverable Amira!  And, to Rudy Project for protecting my baby blues with their awesome shades!!