Friday, June 14, 2013

Grandview Grand Prix

You guys can you believe it's Friday already? Bad Kat here to report and if I don't get this race report out soon it will get lost in this weekends racing. Saturday was Grandview Grand Prix a Women's Category 123, 20 mile criterium race, part of the Pennsylvania BAR series. The Grandview race is a technical course located in a shady neighborhood in Lancaster, Pennsylvania

I'm partial to this race since I live in the neighborhood. For me it's like being a kid, riding over to "Sally's" house where everyone hangs out and getting the bright idea to race around the block with everyone. The fact that I get to do this in my neighborhood as an adult is just well, awesome.

We had a nice team ready for the race with BChan and Little D. The course was shortened slightly and run backwards than previous years. This made the backside mostly downhill with a bunch of corners. The finish was slightly uphill with enough but not too much real estate from the final corner. 

Little D and BChan helped make sure the race stayed together. Near the end BChan joined Little D near the front while I tried to get in good position for that final corner and sprint. Things got a little chaotic for a moment on the back side during the final lap. Everyone else was trying to do the same thing to get in good position for the sprint. I did my best but looking back 5th wheel into the final corner was probably too far back. I was happy I could round out the podium for the team with 3rd. 

Team results for the day Kathleen Wulfkuhle 3rd, Rebecca Chan 7th, Diedre Ribbens 9th.

Big shout out to Rudy Project for keeping our eyes covered on and off the race course. It seems like every race we get complements on our matching bright green sunglasses.

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Bunny Hop Race Recap

After the conclusion of Speed Week and the subsequent drive home, I decided somewhere near the North Carolina/Virginia border at about 11pm on Saturday evening that I would race Bunny Hop regarless of how tired I was or how I was going to get to the race.  This decision definitely toes the edge of reason, but I was sticking to it!

We rolled into Baltimore at about 3:30am, I went to bed at 4:15am and woke up at 8am to lead the Specialized Women's Ride Day sponsored by Twenty20 Cycling Co. (more on that later!).  After wrapping up that lovely ride, I dashed home, packed up, and left for the race.  With 30 minutes to spare, and having a decent warm up after the earlier ride, I pinned my number, talked strategy with Little D, and we rolled up to the start line.

Compsed of wide lanes and three turns, Bunny Hop is your classic MABRA office part crit - not the most exciting of courses, but good for sprinters and the potential breakaway.  There were about 20 ladies in the field, including a strong Artemis contingent, NCVC, and ABRT ladies.  D and I made sure to stay in the top half of the field at all times, chase down any breaks that went, and even picked up a prime.  With 3 laps to go the pace started to ramp up, and with 1 to go a small gap was established with about 5 girls, including D and myself.   From there, I railed the last turn and jumped and was able to stick the W!  Adding to the excitement was the fact that Little D finished with a strong 9th place, and 3rd in the Cat 3 field!  A great way to end an awesome week of cycling.

Thanks to Artemis for putting on a well organized race, Diedre for coming out and racing that crit like a champ, and Bass Wolf + Red Thunder for getting me to the race!