Monday, May 6, 2013

Turkey Hill Country Classic

On Saturday Little D, Hulk Borda and myself (Bad Kat) toed the line at the Turkey Hill Country Classic in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. It was a Women’s Category 3/4 52 kilometer Road Race.  The course is about a 10km loop in farm country with some big rolling hills. There is also a short punching “wall” climb thrown in the last lap of the women’s race. Some of the other races had the wall climb on multiple laps.  It is a full day of events with running races in the morning and Turkey Hill on hand all day handing out their famous free ice cream and iced tea drinks.

The field contained a number of the Mid-Atlantic women’s teams represented with many category 3’s hungry for upgrade points.

Little D patrolled the front ready to get into a break should the opportunity present itself. Hulk was gaining some valuable race experience in a mixed category field. That left me to play the sprinter card. I floated along mid pack, stayed out of trouble and kept an eye on things at the front.

The challenges on the course besides the terrain were to not get caught out having to chase back on after some of the corners and a cross wind that made drafting in places a little tricky.

On the last lap when we reached the wall climb Little D punched it. Stephanie Gonzalez of Equipe Vitesse was able to follow. They got a gap and started to work together up the false flat that follows the wall. I made it up the wall unscathed, but suffering, and waited for the second group to form.

Stephanie of Equipe Vitesse put in a dig to secure the strong women move and rode it in solo for the win. The chase group caught up to Little D. At that point I was dangling and had a serious gut check moment. I let out a tiny roar, okay it was more like a blah, but that gave me the extra little something I needed to get onto the wheel I as dangling off.

We turned onto the road with the big rollers as a group of seven. After the last hill Little D put in a pull that kept things moving. The finishing sprint had a headwind. I reminded myself to be patient and go late. Katherine Klausing of North Tek Gear played the early sprint card. I held her wheel. I was a little too patient. Out of the corner of my eye to the left I saw Lauren Festa of Peanut Butter & Co./Human Zoom starting her sprint. So I jumped, but it wasn’t enough. Lauren ended up 2nd and 3rd for me.

The team results for the day; Kathleen Wulfkuhle (Bad Kat) 3rd, Diedre Ribbons (Little D) 8th, Kristin Borda (Hulk) 26th.