Monday, April 29, 2013

Ladies' Ride at Twenty20!

This past Saturday was the Twenty20 Ladies Ride!

While Ze Badger continued to hone her reffing skills and Little D was ripping it up at the Tour of Page County, a few of us gals headed to Twenty20 to lead a "ladies only" ride!

We were worried that we wouldn't have a great turn out, but we ended up with a solid crew of women on the ride!  Led by the fantastically awesome BChan, we enjoyed a gorgeous morning on the roads of Baltimore.

One lovely lady on the ride hadn't been on the bike since she was a kid.  There's no doubt that she was nervous...she didn't want to hold anyone back, she didn't want to be a bother to anyone, she just wanted to ride her bike.  Grizzly and I worked with her along the way with her hand position on the bars, gearing, pedaling, cadence, etc.  By the end of the day, her confidence was up, her skills were vastly improved, and she had a smile that simply wouldn't quit!

See??  Look at that SMILE!!!

We are so happy that we could do this ride.  We are so glad that we had absolutely PERFECT weather for it.  We are so geeked that the ladies who came out had a great time and, hopefully, learned something new!

Next weekend, we'll be back at Twenty20!  This time, we'll be riding on behalf of the shop, the team, and our FAVORITE bike sponsor, Specialized!  We'll be leading another ride as part of the National Women's Ride Day!

So, come on out to Twenty20 on Sunday, May 5th, 2013 for the ride.  Please be at Twenty20 at 9:00am.  Butts on the saddle for departure at 9:30!

Monday, April 22, 2013

Race Recaps... The Abbreviated Version!

So, the ladies of CAWES have been out and about lately...we've been here, we've been there...we've been racing our SWEET Specialized bikes - though, I think Choppah's ride may be a few sizes too small...

We've been proudly displaying our new Verge kits... both the standard green and the fantastically special white versions...

And, we've been posting some pretty good early season results... if we do say so ourselves.

So, here's a quick rundown of the last couple of weeks.

Salisbury Road Race: Bad Kat launches into the 2013 season with 5th place!

Morgantown Road Race: Little D has a strong showing for 7th place!

Soyoco Circuit Race:  Bad Kat brought home a podium with a 3rd place finish!

Chantilly Criterium: Little D takes 3rd in the Cat 3 field and 6th overall.
                                 BChan is 4th in the 1/2/3 and 7th overall.  
They brought home some dollahs...

Carl Dolan Circuit Race: 
      Women's 1/2/3: Bad Kat was 6th followed by BChan, Little D, and Choppah in 12-14th!
      Women's 4: Borda took 7th

All American Road Race: Choppah took 3rd in the field sprint for 9th and Little D was 12th

Lower Providence Criterium: 
       Women's 1/2/3: BChan took on the big dawgs for a 4th place finish in the sprint with Choppah and Little D in 18th and 21st.
       Women's 4: Borda took 6th in a full field sprint!

Needless to say, we've been busy little cyclists.  We hope to continue racing hard and enjoying our time on the bikes together.

On Saturday, April 27th, we're super stoked to be taking a bit of a racing break to join our sponsor shop, Twenty20 and Specialized Bikes in hosting a Women's Ride!  Please join us at Twenty20 in Hampden, MD for either the beginner or the intermediate group ride.  Both rides will leave the shop at 11am.  But, please be there by 10:30 so we can meet everyone and get organized for the rides.  

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Amazing Amiras! And the Naval Yard Crit

This past weekend, we had our first official team event at the Naval Yard Criterium in Philadelphia, PA.  It was also the debut of BChan and Little D's Specialized S-Works Amiras!
BChan railing through turn 1 on her hot new ride!
Hulk and Lemming raced the Women's Cat 4 race, which turned out well for Hulk as she got in a break and took 5th place!

The Women's Cat 1/2/3 race boasted a tough field, including the Fearless Femme squad with United States National Criterium Champion Theresa Cliff-Ryan.  The CAWES squad stayed tough, however, and Porkchop, Bad Kat, and BChan stuck through to the finish.
The peloton, including some familiar Wasabi Warriors!

Everyone agreed that we are glad to be getting back to racing, but we definitely need a few more crits in our legs!

The best part of the race was getting to ride my sweet S-Works Amira!  Specialized knows how to build an awesome bike, and the Amira is no exception.  Light as a feather, but super stiff, this baby accelerates faster than I can believe.  Plus, she's not a bad looking little bike, either.
Little D's beautiful Specialized S-Works Amira.
A big thanks to our sponsors, Specialized and Twenty20 Cycling Company, for helping me and BChan get our bikes up and running for the race.

In addition to new bikes, we got to model our sweet Verge kits and Rudy Project Noyz sunglasses.  Not a bad looking bunch, if I may say so myself!
L to R:  Hulk, Bad Kat, Little D, BChan, and Porkchop.
All in all, I really enjoyed my first race as a CAWES rider.  I'm looking forward to racing Chantilly and Carl Dolan this upcoming weekend!

-Little D