Thursday, January 17, 2013


Hoping to become a level A official - giving her the chance to officiate at national and international races like those on the NRC and UCI calendar - Badger attended the USA Cycling Officials Clinic in Virginia.  An exhausting long weekend of study, those who attend this clinic spend all day in classes, study into the wee hours of morning, submit homework every day, and finish out the weekend with a wicked hard test.  The best part?  Our Badger didn't just pass the test, she scored the HIGHEST grade in the HISTORY of the Level A exam!!!!

We have some serious "Smarty-Pants-es" on this team!!

We're so very proud of Badger on her amazing dedication to officiating and to the sport of cycling.  Because these folks give more of their time than most realize, we have the chance to race our bikes safely and fairly.  Thanks to all of the officials who provide such an amazing service to the cycling community.

We'd also like to give a shout out to a few other notable MABRA folks who have achieved greatness lately....

Steve Tondora and Paul Behrends - who also received their Level A officiating licenses.

Mimi Newcastle - who was awarded the Northeast Regional Official of the Year!  WOW!!!  We're so happy for you and proud of you, Mimi!!!

While the Badger was out being all smart and stuff, a Grizzly and a Porkchop were attending the PA Bar banquet and picking up some awesome team bling.  Individually, team members collected medals for 1st place Cat 3 Women (Jackie McClure), 3rd place Elite Women (Jackie McClure), 2nd place Elite Women - Out of State Rider (Sarah Iepson), 4th place Elite Women (Alaina Gurski), 2nd place 35+ Women (Alaina Gurski), and 5th place Cat 4 Women (Sara Brams-Miller).

Gursk and Choppah were very proud to accept, on behalf of the 2012 team, the awards for 1st place Women's Team and 1st place Small Team.  Blingety-Bling-Bling!!  In addition to the awards listed above, Becky Chan, Robin Meidhof, and Nikki Raspa all contributed PA Bar points to the team awards.  These awards will soon grace the shelf of our sponsor shop Twenty20!