Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Updating and Such

Hi All!!

Please Grizzly Bear with us as we work on updating our website and blog!  We try, each year, to give you some new and fun info about the team in the rider pages and on the site.  This always takes a bit of time and some finagling with the Blogger software!  So, if you come across pages that look a little wonky... please forgive the Pig-Shaped blog mistress as she messes stuff up so that it looks better!

In the meantime, we're happy to announce the complete 2013 roster!

Michelle "The Ninja Mitch" Hart
Robin "Badger" Meidhof
Becky "The BChan Bullet" Chan
Alaina "Grizzly" Gurski
Sarah "Choppah" Iepson
Sara "Lemming" Brams-Miller
Kristin "Hulk" Borda
Kathleen "Bad Kat" Wulfkuhle
Diedre "Little D Boss" Ribbens

We will continue to update you on our returning and new sponsors, but we're super stoked to announce the continued partnership with Specialized!  We love these bikes sooo much!  Thank you, Specialized, for your ongoing support of Team CAWES!  

Thanks for your patience as we make the sites purty for 2013!!