Wednesday, November 21, 2012

She's Bad...

She's BAD.

She's fast like a feline.

She's BAD KAT!

And, she's the newest addition to the CAWES 2013 roster!!!

We're very excited to welcome Kat Wulfkuhle to the team for the upcoming season!  Known around the cyclocross world and beyond as Bad Kat, she comes to the team from C3 Athletes Serving Athletes (for whom she will continue to race 'cross!)!  Kat's a powerful rider who's wicked 'cross handling skills and Cross-Fit Winter workouts have served her well on the road.  This year, she wants to test the waters of racing with a team in the hopes of upgrading to Cat 2 - and winning a few sprints along the way!  We're so happy to welcome Kat to the team! 

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Cupcakes, Craziness, and Team CAWES!!

So, as the 2012 year nears its close, the ladies of CAWES are getting to know new teammates, nibbling on delicious baked goods, consuming amazing breakfast treats, and enjoying long rides on glorious fall days.  
 Apple Pancake Bake for breakie!!

Blue Moon Cupcakes... mmmm....

The post-ride included as much eating as the pre-ride, with the Choppah being introduced to Chipotle for the first time, EVAH!  Amazing, we know... how could someone so hip, so kewl, so mod NOT have eaten Chipotle before?!  Alas, everyone can rest easy... she has now experienced the joy that is the world of Chipotle.   

 All in all, of course, we're a very serious crew, you know (as the photo here clearly suggests).  

(Left to right, top to bottom: Becky Chan, Diedre Ribbens, Michelle Hart, Kristin Borda, Robin Meidhof, and Sarah Iepson.  Not pictured: Sara Brams-Miller, Alaina Gurski, and special, yet-to-be announced teammate #9!)

We definitely know a horse's rear when we see one, we are thoroughly dedicated to safety in riding... and we NEVER goof off.  EVER.

To say that we have fun together would be an understatement.  There's nothing so awesome as having a team like this.  We love it and can't wait to have a great 2013!

Finally, and most important...

We'd like to take this opportunity to introduce the newest CAWES team member, Diedre Ribbens!  Diedre comes to the team from C3 Athletes Serving Athletes (our FAVORITE cyclocross and fellow Twenty20 sponsored team).  Diedre, also known as Little D or Little Boss, is a Cat 3 road racer with a penchant for climbing and a love for stage races.  We're so excited to have Diedre on the squad for 2013, especially since she bakes us some MEAN gluten free peanut butter cookies!  ;)

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Cross Season Run-Up...

I know, I know... it should be titled "Cross Season Run-Down," but everyone knows that you don't run DOWN in 'cross, but you spend a LOT of time running UP!

This was my first major foray into cross racing.  I mean, I did two whole races last year, but this year was a bit more of a "scheduled" thing.  I had races scheduled starting in September and running through October's Iron Cross event!

The season went pretty well - I was top 10 in most of the local 1/2/3 races and top 20 in the UCI events that I tried out.  Racing against the best women in the area and, in some cases, the world, was pretty incredible.  In cases like the line up for Charm City when I chatted with the newly-crowed European Champion Helen Wyman, I'm reminded of how lucky we are to be able to race alongside women that we so admire and look up to.  Racing is hard... and fun.  The women at these races are awesome.  They are supportive, kind, open, and just rockin' hard core wicked cool.

The season got even better when I convinced (with a little help from her Mr.) Mrs. Borda to come out and try some cross races.  After a day of riding some trails (her on her MTB and me on my crossy) and perfecting our remounts, she bought a bike, signed up for a race, and donned her new kit with pride.

After Iron Cross, which I had somehow imagined would be the "end" of my cross season, I managed to sneak a few more in (despite a pathetically lame attempt at training), primarily in preparation for the biggest race of my YEAR - Turkey Cross.

Borda and I have been doing some serious training for Turkey Cross.  Completely unsanctioned and without any officials, prize lists, or registration, Turkey Cross is bound to become the underground sensation of the millennium!

The race includes a sandy run-up, some fun and twisting single-track, Tastykake hand-ups, and a Post-Race Thanksgiving Dinner!  Who could ever top that?!?!

All of my training will have been for naught if I miss my Tastykake hand-up.  I will go home in massive disgrace, to be sure.

So, the basic run-up (or down, what have you) of the cross season is this:

1.  It was hella fun.
2.  I can't wait to save up my dollars so that I can buy a wicked cool Specialized bike for next year!
3.  It was HELLA fun.
4.  I completed ONE race without falling over (Charm City).
5.  It was HELLA FUN!!
6.  I rid my remount of my hippity-hop, but still managed to catch my shorts on my saddle and fall over like a malfunctioning Weeble Wobble at Fair Hill.

It's now time to look forward to 2013!  Stay tuned for some new teammate and awesome sponsor announcements!