Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Women's Clinic

Borda and Choppah teamed up with Patty Woodworth at Action Wheels in New Jersey this past weekend to host a Basic Skills Clinic for some local women.

We had a GREAT turnout of ladies of all levels - those who have a few road races under their belts, some triathletes, and a few ladies who just purchased new bikes within the last month.  It was a wonderful chance to share our knowledge with some local ladies and help them develop their SKILLZ.

The clinic, one of a series that we will host for beginners, intermediate, and racing level chicas, included gearing and cadence, stability, practice reaching for bottles, holding a straight line, riding in a paceline, getting comfortable riding on someone's wheel, and position on the bike.

We stressed the importance of building confidence on the bike... both by yourself and in a pack.  We talked about ways to practice these skills so that riding in a group becomes less intimidating.  We went over group riding etiquette.  And, we discussed the most important aspects of cycling... including looking good, eating sushi, and drinking wine.  All of the most critical issues.

It was a GREAT day out on the bike and we had such a great time with these ladies.  We can't wait to have a few more of the gals out for the next one.... and the next one... and the next one.