Friday, September 28, 2012


The ladies of CAWES would like to send our deepest and most sincere condolences to our friends at  Cera Products, Inc. on the passing of company co-founder Esko Riikonen on September 25, 2012.

The family welcomes donations in memory of Esko A. Riikonen to the Child Health Care Foundation of Columbia Maryland at, Direct Relief International at, or to the American Cancer Society.

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Charm City

Charm City weekend is always very special for us!

Firstly, it's hosted by our sponsor shop - TWENTY20!!!

Secondly, it's an epic race with international superstars showing up and kicking some serious tail on an amazing course.

Thirdly, it's just totally rad and awesome.  What more can we say?!

2011 was our first Charm City event.  It was so much fun and so exciting that we immediately marked our calendars in bright lime green ink for 2012.

2012 turned out to be a pretty awesome year, too!  Three of the CAWES ladies lined up for different events over the weekend.  Nikki raced the UCI event on Saturday, and Sunday saw BChan line up for the 3/4 race and Choppah take to the dirt for the UCI event.  The girls had a lot of fun out there...and we were proud to be racing with the Twenty20 logo on our kits at this event.

For some photos of the event, why not take a peek here!!

To hear more from the amazing Helen Wyman (who took the win both days) check out this link.

And, a VERY special shout out to our favorite former CAWES/current C3 rider Arley for taking 2nd on Saturday AND Sunday!!  Super impressive, Gnarly Arley!!  Way to go, chica!!!!

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Special Olympics/Juniors' Day Out

Every year, our team co-sponsor's the Special Olympics/Junior's Day Out event with Twenty20 Cycling, Fuji Bicycles, Sticky Fingers Sweets n Eats, and Saturday was the perfect day to host this event - absolutely stunning weather of blue skies, bright sun, and mid-70's temperature.  I am going to go ahead and say that this event is one of most important things that we do as a team.  And I am so extremely happy that we were all able to attend and volunteer this year.

The events went all day, and we thoroughly enjoyed spending time with all the participants.  Seeing how happy everyone was brought tears to our eyes.  I hope the images that we post here can show you just how important this day is, and what a wonderful experience it was.  

A special thanks to the Lea family who do SO much for the Special Olympics.  Thanks for all you do!!


Sunday, September 9, 2012

Tacchino Cross Race!

So, we roadie girls have been spending a bit of time during this late summer working on our cyclocross skillz.  Yep, that's skillz... with a "z."  We've gotten pointers from the great Kris Auer, the amazing Mike Birner, and the ever-stupdendous Jeremy Powers!  It's been a pretty awesome experience to learn from these guys!

As for our development.  It's been... well... entertaining.  We fall over on occasion.  We try not to run into things.  But, Nikki has already removed the hop from her remount (that lucky little rabbit!!).  The Porkchop, on the other hand, channels the Easter Bunny after every barrier and cannot seem to get back on the bike without a little hippety hoppety.  

Nontheless, Nikki and Choppah lined up with 22 other awesome chicas at the Tacchino Cross race in Maryland.  It was a gorgeous day - sunny and dry with temps hitting the mid-80s.  Considering the incredible downpour and tornados that hit the Maryland area on Saturday, the course was in pretty good condition and dried out during the day.  By the time we hit the course around noon, it was in good shape to be fast and smooth.

There were plenty of pre-race smiles!

Cross racing is pretty interesting.  There are some things that make it similar to road racing - other than the whole grass, dirt, mud, dismounting, remounting - um... k, maybe it's just the fact that both sports involve a bike that make them similar?  

Starts in cross races are pretty important.  Getting off the line fast and getting out in front early and quick is pretty important.  This is the start of the 1/2/3 race.

Choppah following Jennifer Tillman of Kelly Benefits through the course...
Choppah ended up 9th overall today! 

The interesting thing about cross is that, while you're always aware that other riders are "up the road," you become so engrossed in what you're doing and who is with you that you don't really dwell on it.  This seems to be a dramatic comparison to road racing, where a break rider is often kicking themselves (repeatedly) in the butt for not "making the break" and always thinking about what they would be doing "if only I was up there."  In cross, you tend to focus in on what you're doing and what the people in your immediate vicinity are up to.  If someone appears on your horizon line, you gun for them.  But, those that are out of sight become pretty negligible in comparison to the root that is attempting to grab your front wheel and take it out to dinner...without the rest of your bike!

Cross is hard.  There's no two ways about it.  Your heart rate sits right up around threshold for 44 minutes and 30 seconds in a 45 minute race (there are the occasional downhill dashes), your legs scream, your body gets the chills.  You want to grab a bottle to quench your dried throat but, of course, you don't have a bottle because it takes up valuable "carrying my bike on my shoulder " real estate.  You gasp, you sweat, you get covered in mud.  And, if you're anything like us, you get hooked (line and sinker) and keep going back for more!

Tacchino was a GREAT race!  A huge shout out to Squadra Coppi for putting on a truly phenomenal race.  A giant thank you to the other women who came out to make today a true sufferfest.  And, most of all, a huge thank you to Badger, who came out to cheer and lend support to two very nervous and excited teammates!

It was a good day!