Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Latest News...

So, we've been some pretty busy folks around these parts.  We've been riding, we've been racing, we've been eating copious amounts of sushi, we've been trying to raise enough money to hire Lance Armstrong's cousin's brother's daughter's mother-in-law's dog as our new mascot.  It's been exhausting.

So, to make a quick recap for you on some of our latest news...

Jackie McClure locked up the Cat 3 PA Bar AND upgraded to Cat 2!  It's all in a day's work for Incline!

The team is/was/might have been (I don't know...it's just what I was told!!) currently sitting in first place in both the Women's and Small Team PA Bar standings!

The team continues to collect podium finishes in crits, road races, track events, and TTs across the WORLD (well, across the region...but, it might as well be the world!).  Most recently:

Jackie took 2nd in a PHOTO FINISH at the Cycledrom Criterium!

Alaina and Robin took the Regional Title in the Team Sprint on the track by a mere .24 seconds!

Even the Porkchop returned to racing this past weekend!!

I joined Nikki at the Dawg Days Criterium.  Normally, this race is a true summer race, with high temps and hot sun.  This year, it was a true "Welcome Back to Racing, Choppah" kind of event.   Just as we were lining up to race, the skies opened and the rain began!  It rained through our whole race, which kept us nice and cool and, ummm, hydrated?

The race was fun and super hard for me - I was on the rivet for the first half a dozen laps until a break formed off the front and the pack settled in a bit.  I was pretty lacking in confidence on the day, so I was content to sit in and see how things worked out.  Nikki and I went with every other move that tried to go and made our way to the line safely in the finishing field sprint.

A HUGE thank you to the ladies of MABRA for the many "welcome back" hugs, for the awesome racing, and a super special thank you to Nikki for getting out there with me in the rain!  It was GREAT to be back!!

Friday, August 17, 2012


So, it is well known that I enjoy driving down on random weekdays to Baltimore to ride my bike.  This year, it hasn't happened as much as I would have liked (considering my 6 weeks of rehab and Hawaiian Island hopping), but I've now managed to get back into the swing of things of this nature.  This past week, this meant heading down to Twenty20 on Wednesday evening for Kris Auer's cross practice with the BChan.  Kris, by the way, puts on one of the (if not THE) best cross race in the Mid-Atlantic - Charm City Cross.  You can read more about it here.  And, you can sign up for it HERE!!

And, we had a blast!  Our fearless leader taught us quite a few of the tricks of the cyclocross trade and it was a great opportunity to watch and learn from one of the best and most experienced racers in our region.

While neither one of us fell over, ran into a barrier, or otherwise embarrassed ourselves, we both like to do a little hippity-hop on our remounts and I have a tendency to cry out with a girly, "EEK!" when I feel that I'm about to take a tumble or otherwise land on my butt.

Nonetheless, it was a fun time and I'm already looking forward to the next event.  While the road season is not quite over, we've already turned our sights to cross season and team building for 2013.