Wednesday, June 27, 2012

This Post: Brought to You By the Number 3

And the letters C, A, W, E, and S!

So, the past couple of weeks have been busy for the CAWES gals.  We've been racing (and spectating) at the track.  We've been out hunting WABBITS...or BAR points, whichever.  We've been rehabbing bum shoulders.  We've been basically having a good time.  Oh, and we've been placing 3rd.  A LOT.

Take, for example, our dear and lovely Incline...

3rd at the PA State Time Trial
3rd at the Wrightsville Crit
3rd at the New Bethlehem Crit
3rd at the PA Amateur Time Trial
3rd at the Steel City Showdown
3rd at the Allegheny Cycling Morning Crit

What's a girl to do?  At least she's not copying my Symphony of Sixes from 2010!!

We've also had some Cat 3 upgrades on the track (Grizzly!!), a few third place omnium finishes on the track (not to mention podium sweeps and big Ws), and I grew 3 inches last week.  OK, that last one isn't entirely true... I just wanted to make sure that you were paying attention.

The girls will be out in force this weekend (even ME!) racing in NJ at the Course de Evesham Marlton, the Chesco Race series, the track, and the PA State Road Race on July 4th!  If you're in the area, come on out and cheer on the Wasabi Warriors!

(Editor's note:  Incline just informed me that she also took 3rd at the Emrick Boulevard Crit!  That's good because otherwise it would have been SIX 3rd place finishes.  I can't handle the sixes again!!)

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

PA State Time Trial

The PA State Time Trial took on a new life for Team CAWES this year.  In addition to our very own Grizzly on the hunt for her 4th consecutive title, the team was co-hosting the event with North Point Women's Racing!  We were very excited to be working alongside Beth Fayant and Mary Muldering to make this event it nearly became a casualty of lack of interest and promotion!

The day was perfect for racing.  It was cool and crisp, with no real winds to speak of.  With about 100 starters lining up for their shot at a State Title, there was bound to be some great competition and some fast times.

The event went off without a hitch - and with a creeper van to post the results - we really made for a classy crew!!  :)

Thanks to the amazing cast and crew of helpers, volunteers, officials, and racers that made the event possible, especially Dan Hoover, Beth Fayant, Michelle Bote, Judy Miller, Dave Miller, Steve Tondora, Dave Felpel, and Frank Roche.  We couldn't have pulled it off without you all there lending a hand (or twelve).

You can find the full results of the event here...and we'd like to give a shout out to the new 2012 State Champions!!

Men's Cat 1/2: Brett Kielick, 160over90 p/b Vie13/QCW

Men's Cat 3: Nathan Goates, Lost Boys Racing

Men's Cat 4: Patrick Walter, Guys Racing Club

Men's Cat 5: James Doherty, Unattached

Women's Cat 1/2:  Alaina Gurski, CAWES/iFractal p/b Specialized

Women's Cat 3: Cecelia Davis-Hayes, iFractal-QCW p/b

Sorry that we don't have an official podium photo...this one will have to suffice!!  :)

CAWES/iFractal rider Incline took 3rd in the Cat 3 women's race!

Women's Cat 4: Sabina Olenchock, Lamprey Systems

CAWES/iFractal rider Lemming took 2nd in the Cat 4 women's race!

The following events were non-state Championship categories...but, we also wanted to acknowledge these category winners!

Women's Eddy: Kim Engle, Unattached

Men's Eddy: Jere Ballard, South Mtn Velo Club

Men's 35+: David Iglewicz, PA Masters Racing

Men's 45+: Michael Riley, iFractal-QCW p/b

Men's 55+: John Newton, Chester County Velo

Men's 65+:  Scott Haverstick, ERA Cycling


And, thanks to the racers who came out in support of the event.  We hope to make it bigger and better next year.

Finally, we'd like to note that all of the proceeds from this year's race were divided up and donated to two tremendous groups: the IM Able Foundation and Gearing Up!  Thanks to all of those that registered for the race or donated a few extra dollars at sign-in, we will be writing checks for several hundred dollars to both amazing foundations!!

Sunday, June 10, 2012


Well, I'm sort of able!!  Today, I was able to ride my bike 30 miles on the path with some amazing folks.  A huge thank you to the IM Able crew for letting me tag along with them for my first post-crash ride!!  It was a beautiful day to be with such fantastic bunch of athletes!!

THANKS!!!  :)

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Liberty Classic!

Sunday was the big day.  The Liberty Classic.

Donning the Wasabi and Orchid for the day:  Alaina, Nikki, Sarah (that's ME!), Anne Racioppi (Riptide), Jennifer Triplett (ProDesign Cycling), and Kelly Fisher-Goodwin (Velocita).  With a strong team, we knew that we would have some good finishes on the day.  And with a World Champion and multiple National Champions in the field (in an Olympic year, no less) we also knew that it was going to be a brutal race.

And it was.

It started out fast and dangerous, with a crash in the first 300 meters that took out local phenom rider Katy Giles of ABRT.  The peloton was anxious leading into the Wall on the first lap.  The smell of carbon brakes was all too common.  The first shot up the Wall was pretty fast, and a few of us found ourselves chasing back on.  But, we made it back to the peloton.

The second time up the Wall left a few of us in a nice sized chase group.  All was going well until I decided to try to befriend a huge pothole in the middle of the road at the end of lap 2.  Too bad for me, the pothole did not want to be friends.

As I was lying on the ground, the realization hitting me that I was really hurt and not going to just hop back up on my bike and keep riding, the cops and a few marshals looked down at me and said, "That hole has taken a few people out you think we should mark it or something?"  I just looked up and said, "Ummm...yeah, might be a good idea."

My first ambulance ride and first visit to the ER ended in xrays that showed no breaks or fractures in my left shoulder, just a MASSIVE amount of internal bruising.  This was NOT how I wanted my day to end.

The rest of the girls made it to the finish without incident!  The girls rode hard, showed guts and determination in not giving up at ANY point during the race, and I am so proud of them all.

A huge thank you to the guest riders!  We had the BEST time with you ladies and in a strange way, I'm already looking forward to next year!

An even more ginormous thank you goes out to all of the folks that helped us out...

Sara "The Lemming" Brams-Miller for getting us a tent in the feedzone (as per usual!) and taking charge of the early morning trainer set up and preparation stuff...

Leah, BChan, Incline, Hoovey (and whatever other assorted minions were involved) for decorating Lemon Hill with inspirational images and for setting up the wicked tent.  (I wish that I could have enjoyed it!!)

Thanks to Mike Birner (director extraordinare) for driving our SAG wagon and for Hoover for sitting in as mechanic.

Three Cheers for Mike Coyle - our ever faithful feeder-boy, who makes sure that we're topped off with fluids and such.

Thanks to Joe Jefferson - the best Lemon Hill announcer this side of the Schuylkill River - for giving Team CAWES constant shout-outs.

Thanks to our families and friends who helped us out, picked us up from the hospital, helped us lug stuff to and from the start line, enjoy a post-race beer, etc.  You all know that we couldn't do it without you, right??

And, of course, thanks to the fans who yelled and screamed for all of the riders.  You have no idea how helpful you are in getting up that Wall!!  :)

Hopefully, we'll see you all out there next year.