Monday, May 28, 2012

Quiz of the day...

Here are your questions...answers may be found below:

1.  What is green and purple and really fast in the last 200 meters of Somerville?

2.  When is it better to be DFL than DNF?

3.  What is the proper way to carry a bicycle up 4 flights of stairs?

4.  What do a Lemming, a Princess, an Incline, a Rabbit, and a Choppah-corn (photo below) have in common with a giant pool of sweat?

The elusive Choppah-Corn.  Part pig, part unicorn, altogether RAD!!


1.  Jackie McClure, baby!!  Taking 12th place at the Tour of Somerville behind some big local and international names!!

2.  It's always better to TT 3 laps solo and take DFL (or close to that) if it means that the only thing that touched tarmac was your foot.  Big hugs to Julia Lonchar of Peanut Butter and Co., who has to undergo surgery tonight on her jaw.  xoxoxo

3.  We're not sure about the answer to this one, but don't ask BChan...she's still trying to figure it out!  

4.  EVERYTHING!  My goodness, was it warm out there today!!!

Great job to all of the local ladies on some sweet racing in Somerville!!  


Sunday, May 27, 2012

Triumph at the Track

The ladies of CAWES have been seen, lately, riding in circles.  While this is not uncommon - it's pretty much what we do every weekend - these circles have been more oval-shaped, on a banked wooden surface, and without brakes!  YEP - the Warriors have been making their way to the track.

Last weekend, CAWES zoomed around the track to bring home the Omnium win for BChan!!

Here are some awesome videos of the Grizzly putting the hammer down at the start of the races in order for BChan to roll away with the win!

This weekend, the Grizzly returned to the track with a Badger in tow.  The two of them again played havoc with the field and landed Badger at the top of the Omnium rankings with Grizzly placing 3rd.  Here's the Badger powering to the win in the Scratch race!

Thanks to Hoover for providing us with these awesome videos!!

This weekend also found the Grizzly atop the TT podium (surprise, surprise) with a Porkchop standing just below on the 2nd step in the Lake Nockamixon 15 mile TT series.  

The weekend will end on Memorial Day Monday with several of the team members spinning around in a rectangular shaped circle with the 65 woman field at the age-old Tour of Somerville!   This race, a staple in the cycling world since 1940 is a GREAT event leading up to the Liberty Classic next weekend!  We look forward to bumping elbows (hopefully not literally) with some of the best women in the local and national scene!  

We hope to see many of YOU out on the course at the Liberty Classic next Sunday!  So many of our local friends are racing...and we all need your support to get our behinds up The Wall!  So, please cheer for us (duh...of course!!) and the local contingent of ladies on: ABRT, MVP, Peanut Butter and Co., Pure Energy, Mellow Mushroom, Team Kenda, and Tradewinds!!  

Sunday, May 20, 2012

A Day That Will Live on in Infamy!

Sunday, May 20th.  A date that will live on in infamy as the day we finally did what we swore to do last year...skip Bike Crash/Jam/Slam.  Well...sort of.

Badger crossed the "picket line" in order to snag herself a money prime in the 35+ race.

She then became the third of the CAWES girls to attend a baby shower in one weekend (new team record to be featured on the website...forthcoming)!

Grizzly and Choppah headed to Upper Freehold, NJ for a rather rolling 11-mile TT.  With a strong headwind that, in typical 'Jersey fashion, seemed to come from EVERY direction, the gals managed to take 1st and 3rd on the day!  In a great twist of fate, the winning prizes were MAXXIS tires and lime green Clif Shots!  It's awesome to WIN wicked cool stuff from an awesome sponsor.

Of course, celebration over a TT win would not be complete without heading out to purchase a Wasabi Green vacuum for the Choppah's Training Center.  Awwww, yeah.

A HUGE shout out to a few folks today....

To Andrea Brennan, who raced wicked awesome and smart at the Norristown Crit yesterday had a run-in with a car during today's TT.  We send her all the best for a swift recovery.

Our dearest Ramba found herself getting too familiar with the tarmac at Kelly Cup today...keep "rawring," girlie...and heal fast.

To Lindsay "I'm Now Gonna Win EVERYTHING" Bayer.  You're just awesome, girl.  Keep killin' it!!  Make MABRA proud!!!!

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Were You Ever NOT on the Front?!?

I like hearing that at the end of a good race.  Especially when I still managed to eek out a decent finish in a field sprint (gasp! you heard correctly, the Porkchop in a FIELD sprint!!).

Today was the Norristown Crit.  It was a fun race on a somewhat tricky course, with a nicely strong field (considering that the Wilmington Grand Prix was also today - complete with one Nikki Raspa).  I was very bummed to miss Wilmington today, I was looking forward to another showdown on that course, but I had an awesome baby shower to go life trumped cycling for one day!!

The course included a 180 degree U-turn and another corner that was well over 90 degrees.  It was fast, I launched a lot of attacks, rode the front for quite a few laps, led out the last lap and a half or so, and then managed to hold a decent position to sprint for 5th in the 1/2/3 field and 7th overall.  Incline came in just behind me in 7th/9th and Lemming was 8th in the Cat 4 field.

It was a beautiful day out there, and it was so nice to be surrounded by some awesome women.  And, I don't just mean my teammates.  I mean the Danas, the Bettys, the Amys and Andreas, and all of the other local chicas that make racing bikes so much FUN!

Monday, May 14, 2012

Taking Off at Smoketown

So, we got to race on a RUNWAY over the weekend!  You know that it's going to be a great event when the pre-race instructions include something to the effect of, "If a plane attempts to land during your race, get off onto the grass.  WAAAY onto the grass."  Oh yeah...this is going to be awesome.

For some reason (maybe because I've been beating my legs into a pulp in preparation for an upcoming event??), my legs felt like crud on Saturday.  Funny, they felt 100% better on Sunday when some of us gals went out for a hill ride.  Figures...

Saturday's legs:

Sunday's legs:

Alas...this is sometimes how it goes.  

So, the race did not go as we had planned.  It was fast, it was hot, it saw a break of 3 become a winning break of 4.  It saw us attack, pull the field, spend a little time getting pushed off the road and onto the grass, attempt to rev it up for the lead out and do our best against a stacked field of awesome women.  

Still...anytime I come away from a race feeling like I need an oxygen tank and a new set of legs, I'm a happy kid.  See?

Plus, we got some pretty cool photos of us...and the planes that took off and landed...BETWEEN races. 

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Super-Humanly Impressive

So, there's a rider on our team who shall remain nameless (but not picture-less)...

She is a super star.  At least, in my book she is.

On Friday...she looked like this...

OK...well, maybe I am exaggerating a little bit.  But, the truth is, the girl has been mostly off the bike for a while nursing a rather unfortunate post-operative complication.  And yet, because she loves riding so much, she strapped her intravenous fluid bag and portable EKG to the back end of her bike and went out for not just one race this past weekend...but THREE!!!

She started off with the Deep Blue Time Trial on Saturday, where she finished 2nd in the 35+ category.  

VERY important additional note:  The Grizzling Gurski defended her title in this race again by taking the W in the Women's 1/2 group.  Wahoo!  

Then, the Badg-inator came out on Sunday and raced the Women's 35+ AND the open race at the Bunny Hop.  GEEZ...

So, I'm thinking that we need to give her a new nick-name.  Or, at the very least, start realizing that Badgers look less like this:

and more like this:
Way to go, BADGER!!!

The sprint heard around the...

"What is she doing?" "Is she attacking?"  "Does she know we have another lap?" "YES! Finally, she's screwing up!" "Good. One less sprinter to worry about." "I'm smiling cause she's gone" (NOTE: the cat 4 leader in the same jersey)

 So. Yup. I did it. Thought there was 3 laps and not 4 at Turkey Hill...and sprinted for what I was thinking was a win. EEEK.

Was in the lead group. Might have been able to turn around and sprint them down afterwards. Turned around. Was shocked I did something so dumb. Soft pedaled out of breath and watched them slowly get away. I quit my first race. I turned around when I could have still finished in the top 20 or even better. It was a first...and a last for me, but a great learning experience. Luckily, when you make big mistakes like that you learn never to make them twice. At least, I got another GRRRR shot for my sprinting album of "how ugly/tough/scary can Incline make herself look?"

We all make mistakes...and thanks to the photographers they'll always be there to capture them for us LOL!

P.S. And for all of you asking to read a race report on it is.  And, if that photo says anything, I'd be scared to race against the GRRRR...