Sunday, February 19, 2012

Cycle for Survival

On Sunday, February 12th, with outside temperatures in the teens in the Washington, D.C. area, Badger (see green arrow in overhead shot) decided to join hundreds of cyclists at Equinox in Bethesda as part of a fundraising cycle-thon called "Cycle for Survival."
Badger joined the 3-Legged Dog team with captain Leslie Heyer, Eric Heyer, Ann Mullen and Tom Olson.

The annual indoor cycling event raises money for rare cancer research at the Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center. We all know individuals who inspire us on the bike because of their abilities and disabilities --- but the organizers of this event and its founder have raised the bar.

This was such a memorable event and it was great to see members of ABRT and NCVC pulling rotations with their respective teams.

What say you MABRA: wouldn't it be great to have every MABRA team raise money for cancer research by participating in Cycle for Survival 2013?!?!

Let's give the local Washingtonians a reason to be inspired by the spandex-clad swarms of cyclists they see slowing down their commute weekend after weekend on River, Travilah, Esworthy...
While you'll have to wait for the event to return next year to show up your rival MABRA team, you can still donate to the 3-Legged Dog team by clicking here!

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Early Season "Results"

While the pro peloton is sweating their butts off on the dusty straights of Qatar, or enjoying an unintended day off at the end of the Challenge Mallorca due to snow, the ladies of CAWES are already tearing up the local training ride scene, also known as "The Weekend World Championships".

Currently, the girls hold tight to the Women's sprinting and climbing "jerseys" at the much beloved Java's ride in Royersford, PA consistently taking first in the sprint (Jackie "Incline" McClure) and the unforgiving climb up Miller road (Sarah "Porkchop" Iepson).  While it's no surprise that McClure would dominate the "women's field" at the ride...the fact that Porkchop can get her butt up that hill in good position continues to be a source of amazement.  McClure's reign as Sprint jersey leader continues to be challenged by SynFit Racing's new sprinter Kelley Bethoney who holds a firm grasp on 2nd place and will continue to push us to ride faster and eat more of Bob's amazingly delicious muffins!!  I hear that there's going to be a "Muffin Bowl" and that Kobayashi will be there as a guest judge.

McClure is quoted as saying, "I think these early season Java sprints are really important.  There's a lot of pride involved in being the first woman across the line in the "World Championships."  I know that I'm not going to get a Rainbow jersey (Oh, Cav...sigh!) for it, but I can use these for upgrade points, right?!  :)"

I could mention that the three of us make up half of the total women who show up for this ride, but admitting that would really lessen our excitement about these imaginary competitions.  Oh, shoot...did I type that out loud?!?

Meanwhile, in our nation's capitol...Mitch continues to kick some major booty at Boot Camp and has begun to mark out her plan of domination for Mud Runs and Crits the world over.  This girl is lean and mean this year - scrounging around in the mud and clambering over walls will do that to you - so watch out, peloton...she growls a lot now, too!

Official racing season is right around the corner, y'all.  We hope that you're enjoying this "wintery" weather and we'll see you at the REAL races soon!  Keep smiling and keep pedaling (or mudding, as the case may be)!

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

The Specialized Amira...revealed!!

As always, we are so grateful to our shop and our sponsors who continue to support our team and our sport.  We do what we can to make them proud both on and off the bike, and it means the world to us that so many of our sponsors return year after year to make our season successful! 

Each Spring, as we put our noses to the grindstone to get our bodies in top shape for the season, the crew at Twenty20 Cycling in Baltimore are hard at work helping us get our gear in order.  They are fundamentally critical to helping us make sure that our gears are shifting smoothly, that our fit is right, and that we have pristine working equipment.  This year is no exception as they help each of us build up our new Specialized Amira framesets!!  

We are SO excited about these bikes!  We have been anxiously awaiting their arrival since the end of the 2011 racing season and spying these gorgeous frames at the shop a few weeks ago made our hearts skip a beat (or twelve!).

I was fortunate enough to take my Amira (her name is Mari) out for her maiden voyage yesterday.  I was told by Kris that I would never want to ride another bike...and he was RIGHT!  The frame fits me like a GLOVE (thank you, Kris, for working with me the other night to dial her in!), and the extremely light and stiff frame is responsive.  I tend to personify my bikes (giving them names and personalities - like Bernie, who loves to lead the charge at the end of races), but in this case, it literally felt like Mari WANTED to do what I asked.  When I stood up to sprint or climb, she answered smoothly, quickly, and eagerly.  She is comfortable, fast, crisp, and an amazing ride.

THANK YOU, SPECIALIZED for your continued support of Team CAWES!

 And, did I mention that she's beautiful?!  ;)  I think I'm in love!