Thursday, January 26, 2012

Food For ALL!!!

We are very excited to announce that due to an amzing outpouring of support from the community, Food For All has been SAVED!! We really love this place and the fantastic folks who invested their time and money to save this tremendous local business are heroes in our eyes!

The store's Grand Re-Opening will be on February 10th! Come by and join us in celebrating the survival of a true gem in Mt. Airy!!

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Saving Food For All!

We're incredibly sad to announce the possible closure of one of our favorite sponsors, Food For All.  This amazing local grocery store in Mt. Airy has come under financial stress due, in part, to a failed Groupon deal.  Since the store announced it's plans to close, the neighborhood has responded by coming up with nearly half of the money that Amy needs to stay open!

We LOVE this place...and we LOVE Amy.  If you can help and wish to invest in one of the most wonderful small businesses around, please contact Amy Kunkle at: