Monday, December 19, 2011

May every star you wish upon grant success and smiles;

May caring words encourage you to go the extra miles.

May teamwork and cooperation be at the heart of all you do;

May the joy of the holiday season be with each and everyone of you.

Friday, December 16, 2011


We are SO excited to announce that 
CAWES/iFractal p/b Specialized 
was awarded the 
by USA Cycling!!

We are so very lucky to work with such amazing sponsors, partners, and friends each and every year!  
Without the support of all of you, we could not possibly serve as advocates for our sport!  

We thank everyone who has cheered us on at races, high-fived us when we found the podium, hugged us when we thought we had failed, and, most importantly, stood beside us on this epic journey!  


Monday, December 12, 2011

Introducing: Sara Brams-Miller

Race Age: 29 as of 2012
Race Category: 4 (for now!!)
Hometown: Philadelphia, PA
Occupation: Student/Athleta Employee
Nickname: Sarah calls me "Lemming" ...
Top Three Warm Up Songs:
     "Shake It Out" - Florence and the Machine
     "I Get A Good Feeling" - Flo Rida
     Everything on Brandon Flowers' album!
Racing Speciality: Crits and, apparently, Time Trials...who knew??
Favorite Race: Millersburg Stage Race.  Hands down!
#1 Goal for 2012: To upgrade to a Cat 3!  I'm sooo close!

How did you end up racing your bike?  My awesome dad got me into it.  He's been a cyclist for as long as I can remember.  :)

What brought you to the CAWES team?  A Porkchop, a Badger, a Grizzly, and a Mitch.  :)  But, seriously, I love every one of these girls, and I love everything that the team represents.  I can not begin to say how excited I am to race with them and work with them on the road.

What is your biggest team related goal for 2012?  Personal goal?  To help the team get a whole crap-load of podiums!  My personal goals are to upgrade and, since I finally made it to the podium a few times last year, I would really like to win a couple of races this year!!

What is your favorite food?  SUSHI!!!
If you were stuck on a desert island (with food, shelter, and water), what three things would you need to have with you in order to survive?  Bubba (my bike), Catalienky (my stuffed cat-alien-monkey), and my drawing kit.
Who would you most like to be stuck with in an elevator for 2 hours?  Bernie Eisel!!
If you could have one superpower, what would it be?  Teleportation
What is your favorite cycling related word?  Roubaix!  I have a love-hate relationship with that word!
What is your least favorite cycling related word?  Anything related to "doping."  Those who do it give the rest of us a bad name.

Friday, December 2, 2011

Introducing: Jacqueline McClure!

We're really excited to have Jackie joining CAWES for 2012.  With her powerful legs and all around awesome attitude, Jackie is going to increase the power of our sprint team and lead out!  Here's a bit more about new rider #1!!

Race Age: 28…it’s still 2011, damnit!  (I think this means that her race age for 2012 is 29...shhhh)
Race Category: Cat 3
Hometown: Charlestown, PA
Occupation: Marketing
Nickname: Jackie-O, Sailor Jackie, Jackie Bam-Bam, Tank, JMac
Top Three Favorite Warm Up Songs:
     Cantaloop (Flip Fantasia)-Us3
     Rockafeller Skank- FatBoy Slim
     You Be Killin’ Em- Fabolous
Racing Specialty: Crit Monster, Sprinter       
Favorite Race: Millersburg
#1 Goal for 2012: Increase my sprint by 5mph and Jedi mind trick myself into loving hills

How did you end up racing your bike? In 2009, my boyfriend and I did a century ride for an organization that is very close to our hearts called Best Buddies on Rt 1 in California. Less than a year later, he signed me up for my first race (behind my back) after I hung in with the Thursday night crit at GV. After that, we like to saw he created a monster…

What brought you to the CAWES team? The first thing I remember about seeing the CAWES team was their genuine fun at races. After I went onto their site, I was immediately drawn into their outreach programs such as Special Olympics (a sister organization of Best Buddies) and IMAble. I was also really looking to work with women that consistently and successfully race, have been racing longer than me, and could teach me about team tactics.

What is your biggest team related goal for 2012? Helping my team consistently podium…it was a good goal of mine in 2011 and I think WE can help make it happen again in 2012!

Personal goal? WINNING! Actually, it’s staying motivated through the winter for 2012 and finding a permanent job by the end of the year.

What is your favorite color? GREEN! Wasabi green specifically.

If you could have lunch with any three people (living or dead) who would you invite? Mark Cavendish, Mark Zuckerberg, Coco Chanel…maybe some osmosis would occur?

What cartoon character are you most like? I had to consult with one of my best friends…she said Inspector Gadget. Probably bc I have to know everything.

If you were in the circus…what would be your act? Flying trapeze

If you could have one superpower, what would it be? Multiplicity

What is your favorite cycling related word? le maillot jaune

What is your least-favorite cycling related word? Fred. I think people that use this word are elitist jerks and give cycling the wrong image/bad rap. Whether it’s recreational or racing, I think it’s important to positively support all forms of cycling.

Announcement: New TEAMMATES!!

Well, it's not exactly an announcement, but an interactive game for you (our loyal and dedicated fans) to play!

Rules:  Answer the following multiple choice questions to the best of your ability.  Post your responses as comments.  Person with the most correct answers wins a prize.  I'm serious about the prize, too.  It might include something sweet to eat or something awesome (and green) to wear.  Or, maybe both.  I'm just sayin'.

1. Since the team had such a stellar 2011 season, we decided:
     a.  to forego inviting any new riders to the squad for 2012
     b.  to stop racing entirely and dedicate ourselves to the operation of the Wasabi Warrior Sushi House
     c.  to pull out all the stops and recruit Giorgia Bronzini
     d. all of the above
     e. none of the above

2. Which of the following best describes the CAWES recruitment process
     a.  new recruits compete in a cook off, best dish gets a spot in green
     b.  new recruits spend 24 hours under Federal Investigation...background checks are important
     c.  new recruits enjoy hours of riding time with the team...pulling at the front
     d.  all of the above
     e. none of the above

3.  Which of the following MUST be a standard part of a new recruit's vocabulary?
     a.  "your dad"
     b.  "that's what she said"
     c.  "WASABIIIIII!!!"
     d.  all of the above
     e.  none of the above

4.  Which of the following MUST be true of a new recruit?
     a.  they must enjoy beer, wine, spirits, and food
     b.  they must not touch alcoholic beverages - our bodies are temples of athleticism
     c.  they must acknowledge that cookies, chocolates, and other sweets are the product of the DEVIL
     d. all of the above
     e. none of the above

5.  What is the airspeed velocity of an unladen swallow?
    a.   African or European
    b.  10 meters per second
    c.  not as fast as Mark Cavendish
    d.  all of the above
    e.  none of the above

6.  Which of the following rider duos have been officially recruited to join CAWES p/b Specialized for the 2011 season:
     a.  Bernie Eisel and Mark Cavendish  (they both REALLY wanted to stay on Specialized bikes!!)
     b.  Johnny Hoogerland and Juan Antonio Flecha (they wanted to be on a team that was tough as nails - like them)
     c.  Bert and Ernie (what??  They ride bikes...)
     d. Sara Brams-Miller and Jacqueline McClure (two rockin' chicks from the Keystone state)
     e.  all of the above
     f.  none of the above

This concludes our quiz for today...I look forward to grading your responses and distributing the prizes.  

Check back later for an official introduction of our new gals...we're REALLY happy to have them on board for the new season!!

-Professor Porkchop