Monday, October 24, 2011

We Like Inflatables

If you thought you'd see a different picture because of the title, shame on you. It's Halloween. We like inflatable spiders. And Santa and Snowmen.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

This One's For you, GamJams!

Yes, it's true...the road season is over.  Which means that the CAWES Warriors are already busy making plans to take over the world in 2012.

In the "off-season", the team is undertaking several important order to do this, we have decided that the "Divide and Conquer" tactic is best.

Badger has been busy renovating her home so that we can better prepare the cookies and sweet treats which we use as bribes...errr, I mean INCENTIVES, to draw in sponsors!  No one can resist Ramba's Coconut Chocolate-Chippers or the Choppah's White Chocolate Craisin cookies.  No one.

Speaking of the addition to taking the cyclocross world by storm (please read with appropriate sarcasm!) and getting happily covered in mud, she has completed construction of the new team training center.  Housed in a secret location in the wilds of New Jersey - this new training center comes complete with a high quality wind tunnel system (aka a fan), a high tech video system (my mini TV-DVD combo), and a uniquely innovative rest interval tool (a round of Ms. Pac-Man anyone??).

Ramba has been our most active recruiting agent, spending time looking for talented cyclists in Tunisia and various other regions of the world.  So far, she's garnered some interest, although we're not sure about the idea of offering travel subsidies to riders on different continents...guess we'll have to see how the sponsorship drive goes this year.

Grizzly has been showing her skillz at cyclocross this fall and continues to commute to work in ALL weather conditions, including hoards of locusts and the downpour of toads that occurred last week.  She's also been training "at the mountain" which I believe to be code for something...I'm just not sure what.

Arley has been seen dressed like a Storm Trooper running around with her bike and leaping over barriers that are as tall as her!  She's been KILLING it on the cross circuit - her true passion - and has been finishing top 5 in quite a few big races in the States for Twenty 20 and C3-Athletes Serving Athletes!

Nikki decided that she was bored with the good old US of A and has been sending us postcards from Italy.  Geee...couldn't take us with you or anything, could ya??  At least the postcards have bikes on them and remind us of how much we miss the Raspa when she's not around!!

Leah has also jumped the continental ship and is studying abroad in the Netherlands this year.  From the pictures on Facebook, however, I'd have to say that she's studying more boys than homework.  Good for you, girlie...good for you.

Mitch has been working hard to protect our borders.  Most recently, she's been working to counteract the fact that another team (who shall remain nameless) has managed to place Leah and Nikki on the "do not allow back into the country" list (yeah, it really exists) in a weak attempt to cripple the CAWES force for 2012.  Not to worry - Mitch is on task!!

BChan has been developing our newest strategy - the old switcheroo - by moving from Philadelphia, to DC, back to Philadelphia, and then to several locations in the city.  She's become so good at covering her tracks that we don't even know where the hell she is half the time.  BChan...if you're reading this, please check in.  kthnxbai.

K...I think that's it for now.  Check back soon for news on returning and new riders, sponsors, and more news on the Wasabi Warriors!