Monday, September 5, 2011

Most Important Podium

Today may have been the most important podium finish of the season for the CAWES girls. Today, BChan took 2nd in the Donut Derby!

This super important and prestigious event includes a 37 mile test of wills near Trexlertown, PA, and two rest stops at which one must attempt to consume as many Krispy Kreme donuts as possible before completing the ride. For each donut that you down, 3 minutes is shaved from your overall finishing time.

In typical Porkchop fashion, I was determined to lead my teammate to victory - over the donuts. And BChan, in a move that shocked even me, managed to down NINE donuts to finish on the 2nd step of the podium!

This event can really only be understood in, here you go.

Won't our sponsors be proud!!??

Squish and nom for effectively quick downing of multiple donuts simultaneously.

Oh...just ONE more...that can't hurt, can it??

Post-race donut eaters remorse... followed by the joy of the podium!!

The reality is that we rode pretty hard, averaging over 22 mph for the 37 mile ride and having a GREAT time throughout. Now, we're looking forward to the NJ Farm Stand Ride, the Lancaster Brewery Tour, and the Ice Cream Ride. I'm feeling a theme here....

UPDATE!!  Unfortunately, due to a "scoring" error, Becky's 2nd place finish was recalculated to a 3rd place finish.  Still on the podium - so that's a big YAY!  On the BRIGHT side, this same correction to the results landed the Porkchop at the TOP of the podium in the 30-39 age group, garnering yet ANOTHER podium finish for the CAWES ladies in 2011.  AND, forcing us to begin plans to defend the Derby title in 2012!!

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Season Recap

Obviously, the lack of blog posts recently speaks to the fact that the CAWES girls have mostly hung up the racing shoes for the year. We're still out there riding, of course, and some of the gals (BChan and Badger) continue to do some racing on the track. But, most of us have turned our sights to the glory of Fall riding and the season of "Paying it Forward." We will be busy in the upcoming months with the Charm City Cross event, the Junior's Day Out and Special Olympics event, lots of longer charity rides and fun jaunts around Pennsylvania, Maryland and New Jersey, and preparations for the 2012 season!

2011 was a very good year for the Wasabi Warriors....

Cat 2 upgrades for BChan and Ramba
BChan and Badger both upgraded to Cat 3 on the track
We brought home 4 state titles
We achieved 32 podium finishes
We raced in over 10 different states
We participated in over 50 different events
We loved every second of our time on the bike together!

A huge thank you goes out to our amazing sponsors, families, friends, and fans. We continue to remind everyone that it is the amazing support that all of you provide that helps us to keep training and racing hard. THANKS!!