Monday, August 15, 2011

Tour De Millersburg

The Tour de Millersburg may be one of the best and hardest local stage races in Pennsylvania. The courses are demanding and technical, the competition is ALWAYS tough, and it's in August when many folks are at their best in terms of performance.

CAWES hit Millersburg with 5 riders - Arley, Alaina, Ky, Sarah, and Leah. Our goal was simple...RAWR. That's pretty much it.

The TT went as expected, with Alaina, Ky and Sarah hitting the $$ in the top 7.

The Crit was HARD and technical. Unfortunately, we lost Alaina to a crash with 2 laps to go. She got up and finished the race, but was unable to continue with the road race on Sunday. The Road race went well for Ky and Arley, but Sarah and Leah had rough days and finished off the pace a bit.

While we ended up with a strong 6th place finish in the GC by Ky, it was not the racing that we really enjoyed over the weekend, but the amazing people that we spent it with.

Ice Cream became a very important part of the weekend...

and our slumber party in the Hillside Christian Fellowship church (THANK YOU FOR YOUR AMAZING HOSPITALITY) was an event that none of us will soon forget.

Not to mention getting to witness Michelle Bishop's interesting warm up practices - and who knew that she could pogo??

We are already looking forward to going back next year, staying at the Church and kicking some butt! Thanks, Millersburg, for being absolutely AWESOME!!