Thursday, June 23, 2011


There are many people in this world that inspire me. But, all of them have one major thing in common...none of them have ever given up. Though they face challenges, seemingly impossible barricades, distractions (oooh, shiny thing!!), temptations, or simply exhaustion, they keep going. They push just a bit harder, just a bit longer, just a bit more...and succeed. Succeeding does not always mean winning...but meeting a goal and a challenge.

If you're feeling low on motivation today...just watch this...and get some inspiration...

From our friends at the IM Able Foundation.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Tour of Washington County

Grizzly, Ramba, BChan, and the Porkchop headed out to the Tour of Washington County stage race this weekend while Arley, Leah and Badger hit up the Tour of Washington County Kick-Off Crit on Friday night!

It ended up being a great weekend for the Wasabi Warriors!

Arley finished 5th in a very fast and pretty stacked Friday night crit. Leah and Robin finished 16th and 17th, and the team took 1-2 in a prime lap. It was a tough race that included a hefty climb on the back side, and the gals put on a great show for the downtown crowd.

Saturday morning began the Stage Race.

We had some major goals for the weekend - of course finishing high in the GC was on the top of that list. Most important, we wanted to race hard, race strong, and race smart.

The prologue was tricky - it was a toss up as to whether or not to use a TT bike as it included several little ring climbs, but some fast flat sections as well. It was a fast time trial and ended up with Ky sitting in 3rd, Alaina in 5th and the Choppah in 7th. The legs were tired leading into the Road Race, but we managed to launch a few good attacks - the Choppah was solo for part of a lap and Grizzly and Emily Joyner of Virginia Asset Group were off the front for a few laps mid-race. In the end, all was brought back - due much to the work of Sara Clafferty from ABRT - and it was a group finish. At the end of the day, our GC positions were essentially the same and we were ready to head into the TT/Crit day.

The TT course was tough, but fun...with some hills and descending on the way out and lots of false flat climbing on the way back. BChan took the smart route and saved her legs for the crit - but managed to take in some important historical information while riding past the Antietam Battlefield. In typical fashion, Grizzly, Ky and Choppah all finished within 10 seconds of one another and 4th, 5th, and 6th in the TT. Going into the crit, we had great positions as 3rd, 4th, and 7th in the GC. It was time to ROCK.

The crit was, not to be redundant, critical for us. We were hoping to move Ky and Alaina up in the GC and/or get a win with the Beer Can...I mean, BChan. :)

After the 2nd time bonus prime, Alaina launched a wicked awesome attack. She got away with Sara Clafferty on her wheel. Ainhoa Perez-Diaz bridged up to them and though Monika Sattler and Emily Joyner tried to chase, we teamed up with ABRT to shut down attacks and counters. At one point, Ky launched a massive attack and managed to bridge up to the lead group. She and Alaina ended up 3rd and 4th on the stage. Choppah led the field for about 8 laps through to the finish and then brought BChan to the final corner to take 2nd in the field sprint!

The great moves that occurred during the crit moved Ky into 2nd in the GC!! It ended up being a GREAT day!
Thanks to Mike Birner for being an AMAZING director today and taking us through an incredible race today. YAY!!!!

Thanks to Jim Wilson for the GREAT photos today!! :)

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Wild and Wooly Weekend!

Well, it was a wild one out here on the east coast. With the PA State Time Trial in town along with 8 members of both Colavita's and Tibco's pro women's was bound to be a weekend of extreme highs and not so extreme highs.

Some of the better moments of the weekend include:
  • The Grizzly winning the PA State Time Trial AGAIN this year!! A slim margin of 9 seconds separated her from the powerful second place rider Jess Chong. Way to go, Grizzly!!
  • Saturday also found Kacy atop the podium at the hilly Mt. Nebo road race. A VERY challenging course, Kacy broke away from the field with Nadia Latzgo and eventually took the win. 23% grades have NOTHING on Elbows!!
  • Arley's AMAZINGLY awesome ride at Clarendon. While the rest of us failed to meet the challenge of the wickedly hard and fast race, Arley's experience, race smarts, and speedy little leggin's kept her in to the finish! We got a good workout cheering her on!!
  • A GREAT Crystal Cup race for the team included 3 riders in the top 20!! Huge props go to Kacy (14th), our guest rider Jocelyn (15th), and Nikki (18th). Though flats claimed the wheels and races of a few riders, we held our own with the pros and came out with a great team finish.
We even got a shout out in the early edition of Cycling News!! Sweet.

Congrats to all of the riders on a great weekend of racing. It was fast, it was hot, it was wickedly tough...and it was awesome!

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

CAWES Wins Ride Sally Ride

As BChan and Badger headed to Ride Sally Ride last Saturday, the car ride was eerily silent. We were nervous for our teammates in Philly who were pre-riding the Liberty Classic course in preparation for Sunday’s race and we were nervous about our mission to conquer Ride Sally Ride with just two wasabi warriors. The field was small with maybe twenty riders, but three teams of solid leg power had representation of 3 or more riders: Kenda, Syn-Fit and ABRT. Every one of those ladies has the legs and smarts to win or make you suffer to take the W from them.

There were 32 laps (20miles) and with four primes the race was rarely slow. ABRT and Kenda took turns attacking on almost every lap and with 14 laps to go a break had formed with an ABRT, Syn-Fit and Kenda rider. Not us. Sh*t. While the break was always in sight with maybe a 15 second gap, we were the only unrepresented team and understandably no solo rider wanted to get out in the wind to chase. I tried a couple times to close the gap but just didn’t have the legs to do it solo. BChan gave a good effort to close the gap and so did an Artemis rider who jumped hard to bridge to the gap. I tried to respond to that, but my legs said, “oh hellz no” and she easily dropped me back into the pack. It took a huge chase effort by NCVC (Catherine Miller) to rally the field to keep at it and the gap finally closed within striking distance. With 6 laps to go we caught the break and then ABRT and Kenda did a fantastic job of attacking constantly which meant BChan and I had to jump with every attack to shut it down. Every time Sue (ABRT) jumps, I whimper inside because my legs know what’s coming if I want to keep up. I was so spent I seriously debated pulling out with 4 to go, but the field seemed to regroup and I was mentally preparing for my lead-out role.

2 laps to go and lots of nerves. Speed was up. I saw BChan move to the front 6-7 riders. I was maybe 10th. Second to last turn on the final lap, I pulled wide and drilled it for all I could on a loooong straight-away that starts to slope up to the final turn. I was 75% to the final corner and BChan must have seen me fading so she yelled at me to "keep going robin keep going." She pulled off at the corner and I sat up with burning legs and watched as BChan hauled ass. Hauled friggin ass. With my legs firmly cooked, it was all I could do to fist pump the air in victory as I watched her seal the W. It was so friggin awesome to see her sprint and keep the field off.

Meanwhile, on this final lap my husband is jumping up and down and hollering like a banshee. I think he is more proud of himself than us because he gave us a plan and we followed it (and he was right). Well, to be fair, the plan---or lecture rather on "how you need to win the race" started Friday night post-dinner and continued through to Saturday morning as we were walking out the door. He was still at it, yelling "start the lead-out on the second to last corner and get through the last corner first; lower the pressure in your tires so you can take corners at speed." Check. Check. Check.

In the great words of Ricky-Bobby: If you’re not first, you’re last. The wasabi warriors were first this weekend.

Sunday, June 5, 2011

We So Tired

But we SO happy!!

The race today was (overall) a great success for the Wasabi Warriors.

A lot went right on a cool (for once) June day in Philadelphia. The Porkchop was unfortunately laid up at the end of lap one by the return of pretty bad pain in the tendon (thanks AGAIN, Bike Jam....oh, how I hate thee!). But, the other girls all stayed in there and ripped it up!

Kacy finished a strong 32nd place in the main pack and made the whole team very proud. Arley, Jocelyn, Nikki, and Alaina all finished the race strong, safe, and with smiles on their faces (most of the time).
(What the hell am I doing with my arm?? Geez!)
We cannot thank our amazing sponsors and friends for the constant cheering, the amazing post-race tent, the decorated roads upon which we raced, and the hugs, pats-on-the-back, and kisses that met us when we finished. THANK YOU - you make it amazing for us!!!

More photos to come!

Friday, June 3, 2011

Philly Race Weekend

Philly Race weekend is upon us. For the local gals, it means a variety of things including the building anxiety as we watch them erect tents, fences, and slowly (oh, so painfully slowly) patch the seven zillion potholes around the course.

This year, it also included (for the first time) press events! Because we have some local riders in the field, we were invited to participate in a few fun events around the city. Some of them were fun and silly - like riding up the Wall with Fox News anchor Jenn Frederick. Others were typically humbling and "oh, man, why am I even here?" events like the press conference at TD Bank...where the Porkchoppah was announced beside the likes of Giorgia Bronzini, Theresa Cliff-Ryan, Meredith Miller and Carmen Small. Itty bitty tiny fish...HUGE gigantic ocean!!

(As a side note...BChan and I had a great time on a 3.5 hour ride with a few of the Colavita gals the other day....including Ms. Bronzini herself...
It was pretty wicked awesome. OK...back to Philly race stuff...)

On the way out of the press conference, I was briefly interviewed by 6 ABC. In typical TV news fashion, they asked me a random question about the fans at the race...then proceeded to use my clip as part of a piece on the crack down on rowdy spectators at the race! Oh geez! I have nothing but good things to say about the crazy folks on the Wall that yell their brains out for us whether we are in the front, the middle, or way off the back. They rock. They help us local yokels survive this crazy race!

So, we head into the weekend with a strong crew of motivated racers. Kacy is ready to ride up the Wall so hard that she erodes it from a 17% grade to more of a pleasant 7%. Jocelyn is poised to take a chomp out of the eastern field with her west coast climbing and sprinting legs. Arley is charged to hide herself neatly within the pack, use her ninja skills to weaken the field, and make another strong finish. The Grizzly, the Raspa and the Porkchop have their own special agenda - to work their butts off to make sure that the above issues are resolved peacefully, elegantly, and with as much Wasabi Whomping as possible!!

We can't wait to put on a good show for our sponsors, our friends, our loved ones, our favorite rabid beavers, and all the other folks that just want to cheer on the cyclists! Thanks for coming out and supporting our favorite sport!

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Careful what you sign....


No wonder my head hurts...