Monday, March 14, 2011

We Are Able!!!

It only took 2 months for us to FINALLY get together for a ride with our partners at the IM ABLE foundation! Originally (and very optimistically) planned for a weekend in January...our ride was derailed by snowy conditions until this weekend. On Sunday, we managed to enjoy a beautiful (albeit windy) day on the Schuylkill river path with an amazing crew of riders.

The day started out perfectly with some Twenty20 Coffee (of course) to wake up and get ready for a great ride. Mitch, Badger, and the Ramba met up with the local PorkChop and about 20 other folks for a 30 mile round trip ride into Manayunk and back out to our starting point.

The group being led by the Marines...
Wasabi Divas!!

Robin pretending that Chris' bike is a "Chopper!" Complete with awesome Rudy Project shades and leather jacket!
I remember how impressed I was with Chris and the other hand-cyclists at the Grandview Grand Prix last summer. I got the chance to ride Chris' rig around the parking lot after our ride. After about 2 minutes of spinning about, I thought that my little chicken arms were going to fall off. All I could think was that he had just ridden this bike for 30 miles. Each rider that joined us had a story of tragedy - motorcycle accidents, degenerative illness, etc - but these stories were completely overshadowed by the joy and positivism that overwhelmed the day. We laughed our butts off and had an amazing time. We're already into the planning of our next event and ride.