Sunday, February 27, 2011

Team Clinic

Our first team clinic involved some interesting events. We started with some somersaults to practice graceful falling! :) We're hoping that our fantastic acrobatics will not be needed during the 2011 season, but...just in case...

We then hit the road for a nice 3 hour jaunt. In addition to practicing our pace-line, we did a few attacks and chasing drills during the latter hour of the ride. All in all, it was a BEAUTIFUL day out there with the gorgeous ladies in wasabi green. Mike was, as usual, a Slave Driver - which we secretly LOVE and we had a blast donning our new kits!! :) Everyone just looks so FINE in LIME!!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Embrace the Power!!

Sometimes a picture really is worth a thousand words....

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Southern Spinning and Shopping Spree

Another weekend, another great time with the team! Part of the team took advantage of great Mid-Atlantic weather this weekend to get out for a great ride and to descend upon our sponsor shop, Twenty20 Cycling, for a fantastic shopping spree!

The ride was a 60 mile jaunt (80 for those who rode out to Robin's house from DC) that took us out to the rather interesting little town of Boyds, Maryland. The sun was shining for most of the ride and other than the gale force wind gusts that threatened to send us off to OZ for a visit, it was a fantastic day in the saddle! Made, of course, most fantastic by the fact that we were together! There really is nothing more fantastic than being able to spend quality road time with quality teammates!

After that, we all got dolled up and headed up to Hampden to visit the shop! We are so excited to be working with Kris, Johnny, and the rest of the crew at Twenty20 this year! The shop is awesome, complete with power washing bike bathtub in the back room and a full stock of Specialized gear! Kris took time to set each of the girls up with gear to complete our incoming Amira framesets - gruppos, seatposts, handlebars, wheels, computers - you name it, we bought it! While Kris was working with BChan, Kacy and Mitch, Ramba and Porkchop worked on their echelon drafting technique and pain faces.

We then twisted the arms of Kris and Johnny and took them out to dinner at a local spot. We had a great evening and came home stocked with goodies and with many things ordered and on their way!
I'm thinking it's going to be a good year!

Saturday, February 5, 2011


So, apparently, it is not just the ladies of CAWES that find inspiration from our bike girl logo, but our cycling friends as well. A good friend of the team displayed this beautiful work of art for me the other night!

An amazing image that tells the story of her cycling life, she sees the tattoo as a source of great inspiration for training and racing. I guess it really is true that if you really love cycling, it can't help but get under your skin.

Of course, now we have to charge her royalties anytime anyone sees it!


Wednesday, February 2, 2011

CAWES Lands on Podium & Ice at Snotcycle Mountain Bike Race

Ramba, calm, cool, collected (pictured left) took 1st and Badger (praying that her front wheel would grip something other than ice and keep her upright before the photographer or tree felt her impact) pictured right took 3rd in the Women's Beginner Category at the 2011 Snotcycle Mountain Bike race in Leesburg, VA.

As the title suggests, the CAWES riders landed on the podium and ice. . . the shot of my calf (or thankle because the thigh swelling through the knees is still apparent) sums up the day of pain and grueling determination to just finish, at all costs. My husband warned me that it would be a grueling event. He told me to "just have fun" and "try to finish" -- in that order. He didn't mention "stay upright" because this was my first mountain bike race and only the third time I'd ever ridden a mountain bike.

This was Ramba's first mountain bike race, too. However, the fact that we wore matching jackets and hats set us up for some friendly heckling at the start. One spectator announced that should the two "clearly sponsored" riders end up on the podium, the results would be tarnished. We both protested that we were beginners to the sport of mountain biking. Lest we were not convincing enough, as soon as the race started, Ramba and I darted out front -- fast-- like the wind -- and we kept going . . . right on past the first left turn onto the course. Hearing "no no no stop, you've missed the trail" I immediately used my beginner-reflexes to nail both brakes on my bike. And with that I had my first crash of many for the day on a very unforgiving, icy road. The bruising on my calf is nuthin' compared to this Badger's bum. Turns out I wouldn't be riding my bike again until an hour later since 80% of the race looked like this.

Lots of hiking with bike. Fortunately, this race was going to be a test of fitness, not mountain bike handling. I'd shown my bike-handling-skill-cards early.

The Cat 3 women started behind the Cat 3 men, but unfortunately the snow was still too deep to do anything but trudge along with the bikes at our sides. Ramba got out in front of the women from the get-go and kept going, passing Cat 3 men at every opening in the single-track path. I was fortunate enough to find the friendly wheel of Elaine (from halfwaythere cycling team) and we encouraged each other while politely asking if we could "just scoot by" some men who were defeated early on by the grueling march. I stopped counting the number of riders who were turning around and heading back. At one pass, a Cat 3 male encouraged us to keep up the pace because we were sitting in 3rd and 4th place. That's all the incentive we needed to start running with our bikes. We settled into 2nd and 3rd place and soon could no longer see anyone behind us.

Fast forward an hour later....we run across several women who we hadn't seen since the start and we were bewildered. Turns out the promoters, realizing the conditions of the course were slowing down estimated finish times, had cut out the 1.5mile detour...but the top four Cat 3 women missed the cutoff. So, yes, we're all wearing badges of honor and pride for suffering through the full course. I'd pat myself on the back, but still too bruised.

Ramba securely took 1st place and Elaine 2nd and I crawled in at 3rd, bonking and aching in pain, but happy. I had fun and I finished. Mission accomplished. To learn later that only 5 of the 13 women who started our race actually finished makes me that much happier with our efforts.