Monday, December 19, 2011

May every star you wish upon grant success and smiles;

May caring words encourage you to go the extra miles.

May teamwork and cooperation be at the heart of all you do;

May the joy of the holiday season be with each and everyone of you.

Friday, December 16, 2011


We are SO excited to announce that 
CAWES/iFractal p/b Specialized 
was awarded the 
by USA Cycling!!

We are so very lucky to work with such amazing sponsors, partners, and friends each and every year!  
Without the support of all of you, we could not possibly serve as advocates for our sport!  

We thank everyone who has cheered us on at races, high-fived us when we found the podium, hugged us when we thought we had failed, and, most importantly, stood beside us on this epic journey!  


Monday, December 12, 2011

Introducing: Sara Brams-Miller

Race Age: 29 as of 2012
Race Category: 4 (for now!!)
Hometown: Philadelphia, PA
Occupation: Student/Athleta Employee
Nickname: Sarah calls me "Lemming" ...
Top Three Warm Up Songs:
     "Shake It Out" - Florence and the Machine
     "I Get A Good Feeling" - Flo Rida
     Everything on Brandon Flowers' album!
Racing Speciality: Crits and, apparently, Time Trials...who knew??
Favorite Race: Millersburg Stage Race.  Hands down!
#1 Goal for 2012: To upgrade to a Cat 3!  I'm sooo close!

How did you end up racing your bike?  My awesome dad got me into it.  He's been a cyclist for as long as I can remember.  :)

What brought you to the CAWES team?  A Porkchop, a Badger, a Grizzly, and a Mitch.  :)  But, seriously, I love every one of these girls, and I love everything that the team represents.  I can not begin to say how excited I am to race with them and work with them on the road.

What is your biggest team related goal for 2012?  Personal goal?  To help the team get a whole crap-load of podiums!  My personal goals are to upgrade and, since I finally made it to the podium a few times last year, I would really like to win a couple of races this year!!

What is your favorite food?  SUSHI!!!
If you were stuck on a desert island (with food, shelter, and water), what three things would you need to have with you in order to survive?  Bubba (my bike), Catalienky (my stuffed cat-alien-monkey), and my drawing kit.
Who would you most like to be stuck with in an elevator for 2 hours?  Bernie Eisel!!
If you could have one superpower, what would it be?  Teleportation
What is your favorite cycling related word?  Roubaix!  I have a love-hate relationship with that word!
What is your least favorite cycling related word?  Anything related to "doping."  Those who do it give the rest of us a bad name.

Friday, December 2, 2011

Introducing: Jacqueline McClure!

We're really excited to have Jackie joining CAWES for 2012.  With her powerful legs and all around awesome attitude, Jackie is going to increase the power of our sprint team and lead out!  Here's a bit more about new rider #1!!

Race Age: 28…it’s still 2011, damnit!  (I think this means that her race age for 2012 is 29...shhhh)
Race Category: Cat 3
Hometown: Charlestown, PA
Occupation: Marketing
Nickname: Jackie-O, Sailor Jackie, Jackie Bam-Bam, Tank, JMac
Top Three Favorite Warm Up Songs:
     Cantaloop (Flip Fantasia)-Us3
     Rockafeller Skank- FatBoy Slim
     You Be Killin’ Em- Fabolous
Racing Specialty: Crit Monster, Sprinter       
Favorite Race: Millersburg
#1 Goal for 2012: Increase my sprint by 5mph and Jedi mind trick myself into loving hills

How did you end up racing your bike? In 2009, my boyfriend and I did a century ride for an organization that is very close to our hearts called Best Buddies on Rt 1 in California. Less than a year later, he signed me up for my first race (behind my back) after I hung in with the Thursday night crit at GV. After that, we like to saw he created a monster…

What brought you to the CAWES team? The first thing I remember about seeing the CAWES team was their genuine fun at races. After I went onto their site, I was immediately drawn into their outreach programs such as Special Olympics (a sister organization of Best Buddies) and IMAble. I was also really looking to work with women that consistently and successfully race, have been racing longer than me, and could teach me about team tactics.

What is your biggest team related goal for 2012? Helping my team consistently podium…it was a good goal of mine in 2011 and I think WE can help make it happen again in 2012!

Personal goal? WINNING! Actually, it’s staying motivated through the winter for 2012 and finding a permanent job by the end of the year.

What is your favorite color? GREEN! Wasabi green specifically.

If you could have lunch with any three people (living or dead) who would you invite? Mark Cavendish, Mark Zuckerberg, Coco Chanel…maybe some osmosis would occur?

What cartoon character are you most like? I had to consult with one of my best friends…she said Inspector Gadget. Probably bc I have to know everything.

If you were in the circus…what would be your act? Flying trapeze

If you could have one superpower, what would it be? Multiplicity

What is your favorite cycling related word? le maillot jaune

What is your least-favorite cycling related word? Fred. I think people that use this word are elitist jerks and give cycling the wrong image/bad rap. Whether it’s recreational or racing, I think it’s important to positively support all forms of cycling.

Announcement: New TEAMMATES!!

Well, it's not exactly an announcement, but an interactive game for you (our loyal and dedicated fans) to play!

Rules:  Answer the following multiple choice questions to the best of your ability.  Post your responses as comments.  Person with the most correct answers wins a prize.  I'm serious about the prize, too.  It might include something sweet to eat or something awesome (and green) to wear.  Or, maybe both.  I'm just sayin'.

1. Since the team had such a stellar 2011 season, we decided:
     a.  to forego inviting any new riders to the squad for 2012
     b.  to stop racing entirely and dedicate ourselves to the operation of the Wasabi Warrior Sushi House
     c.  to pull out all the stops and recruit Giorgia Bronzini
     d. all of the above
     e. none of the above

2. Which of the following best describes the CAWES recruitment process
     a.  new recruits compete in a cook off, best dish gets a spot in green
     b.  new recruits spend 24 hours under Federal Investigation...background checks are important
     c.  new recruits enjoy hours of riding time with the team...pulling at the front
     d.  all of the above
     e. none of the above

3.  Which of the following MUST be a standard part of a new recruit's vocabulary?
     a.  "your dad"
     b.  "that's what she said"
     c.  "WASABIIIIII!!!"
     d.  all of the above
     e.  none of the above

4.  Which of the following MUST be true of a new recruit?
     a.  they must enjoy beer, wine, spirits, and food
     b.  they must not touch alcoholic beverages - our bodies are temples of athleticism
     c.  they must acknowledge that cookies, chocolates, and other sweets are the product of the DEVIL
     d. all of the above
     e. none of the above

5.  What is the airspeed velocity of an unladen swallow?
    a.   African or European
    b.  10 meters per second
    c.  not as fast as Mark Cavendish
    d.  all of the above
    e.  none of the above

6.  Which of the following rider duos have been officially recruited to join CAWES p/b Specialized for the 2011 season:
     a.  Bernie Eisel and Mark Cavendish  (they both REALLY wanted to stay on Specialized bikes!!)
     b.  Johnny Hoogerland and Juan Antonio Flecha (they wanted to be on a team that was tough as nails - like them)
     c.  Bert and Ernie (what??  They ride bikes...)
     d. Sara Brams-Miller and Jacqueline McClure (two rockin' chicks from the Keystone state)
     e.  all of the above
     f.  none of the above

This concludes our quiz for today...I look forward to grading your responses and distributing the prizes.  

Check back later for an official introduction of our new gals...we're REALLY happy to have them on board for the new season!!

-Professor Porkchop


Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Announcement: Mascot

So, we tried very hard to confirm a super special mascot for the 2012 season.  Unfortunately, we ran into several problems with our choices...

The Llama:  did you know that they spit?  When they're mad...when they're happy...when they're hungry...whenever they feel like it...spit, spit, spit.  And, let me tell you, it's not pleasant.

The Komodo Dragon: he was a good choice at first, but then his foul mouth got going.  Geez...the bacteria-laden saliva is one thing, but the language...even for us, he was a bit too much.

The Bunny Rabbits: quick, perky, and sweet - we thought that this choice was perfect.  Except that the old saying is true...they were always too busy trying to make us "do it like rabbits."  Again, with your minds in the gutters - they kept trying to make us turn vegan!

The Lemmings:  We had hoped that having a solid group of followers would be ideal, and it was good...until they started throwing themselves off of cliffs.

The Monkeys:  you don't want to know what the monkeys were throwing...

So, we're left still hoping to fill the mascot opening...if anyone wishes to apply for the job, we welcome your resume...unless you're a llama.

Next update: new teammates!!

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving!

Just a quick note to say that we are wishing all of our family and friends a very 

Happy Thanksgiving!!  

We hope that you are surrounded today by happiness and lots and lots of food!!

The Wasabi Warriors

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Upcoming Announcement Goodies!!

Hey All...

Just a little "teaser" post to let you know that there are some big announcements on the horizon.  These may or may not be related to the following:

- a new team name
- the fact that one of our number invented a time machine so that we all can start up our love for cycling at a younger age and therefore, arrive in 2012 faster than ever before
- new team members
- a new team mascot, which may or may not be friendly to strangers
- the fact that the team has invested in a sushi restaurant - why keep paying others, when we can cash in on our food addiction?
- new and returning sponsors
- new strategies for kicking butt (yeah, if we'd post those on our blog!!)
- a new calendar of race events
- the fact that the team has recently acquired several very small make model airplanes, of course....

So...keep your eyes peeled for exciting news on the horizon!!

Thursday, November 3, 2011


The CAWES team wants to send a strong shout out of GOOD LUCK to our good friend (and uber-diva) Chris Kaag as he takes on the challenge of the New York Marathon!  

Along with fellow athlete, Mike King, Chris will head up to New York City this weekend and compete in his first marathon.  You can find Chris out riding his hand cycle on the road and trails, but this is his first major competition on a push-rim!  He's done a few races and a TON of training over the past several months to get ready for the event and we know that he's going to KILL it!!  

So, if you're in NYC on November sure to give a super sturdy shout out to Chris and the other IM Able team athletes as they Get Up and Move!!

For more information about Chris and his amazing foundation, please visit them here:

Monday, October 24, 2011

We Like Inflatables

If you thought you'd see a different picture because of the title, shame on you. It's Halloween. We like inflatable spiders. And Santa and Snowmen.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

This One's For you, GamJams!

Yes, it's true...the road season is over.  Which means that the CAWES Warriors are already busy making plans to take over the world in 2012.

In the "off-season", the team is undertaking several important order to do this, we have decided that the "Divide and Conquer" tactic is best.

Badger has been busy renovating her home so that we can better prepare the cookies and sweet treats which we use as bribes...errr, I mean INCENTIVES, to draw in sponsors!  No one can resist Ramba's Coconut Chocolate-Chippers or the Choppah's White Chocolate Craisin cookies.  No one.

Speaking of the addition to taking the cyclocross world by storm (please read with appropriate sarcasm!) and getting happily covered in mud, she has completed construction of the new team training center.  Housed in a secret location in the wilds of New Jersey - this new training center comes complete with a high quality wind tunnel system (aka a fan), a high tech video system (my mini TV-DVD combo), and a uniquely innovative rest interval tool (a round of Ms. Pac-Man anyone??).

Ramba has been our most active recruiting agent, spending time looking for talented cyclists in Tunisia and various other regions of the world.  So far, she's garnered some interest, although we're not sure about the idea of offering travel subsidies to riders on different continents...guess we'll have to see how the sponsorship drive goes this year.

Grizzly has been showing her skillz at cyclocross this fall and continues to commute to work in ALL weather conditions, including hoards of locusts and the downpour of toads that occurred last week.  She's also been training "at the mountain" which I believe to be code for something...I'm just not sure what.

Arley has been seen dressed like a Storm Trooper running around with her bike and leaping over barriers that are as tall as her!  She's been KILLING it on the cross circuit - her true passion - and has been finishing top 5 in quite a few big races in the States for Twenty 20 and C3-Athletes Serving Athletes!

Nikki decided that she was bored with the good old US of A and has been sending us postcards from Italy.  Geee...couldn't take us with you or anything, could ya??  At least the postcards have bikes on them and remind us of how much we miss the Raspa when she's not around!!

Leah has also jumped the continental ship and is studying abroad in the Netherlands this year.  From the pictures on Facebook, however, I'd have to say that she's studying more boys than homework.  Good for you, girlie...good for you.

Mitch has been working hard to protect our borders.  Most recently, she's been working to counteract the fact that another team (who shall remain nameless) has managed to place Leah and Nikki on the "do not allow back into the country" list (yeah, it really exists) in a weak attempt to cripple the CAWES force for 2012.  Not to worry - Mitch is on task!!

BChan has been developing our newest strategy - the old switcheroo - by moving from Philadelphia, to DC, back to Philadelphia, and then to several locations in the city.  She's become so good at covering her tracks that we don't even know where the hell she is half the time.  BChan...if you're reading this, please check in.  kthnxbai.

K...I think that's it for now.  Check back soon for news on returning and new riders, sponsors, and more news on the Wasabi Warriors!

Monday, September 5, 2011

Most Important Podium

Today may have been the most important podium finish of the season for the CAWES girls. Today, BChan took 2nd in the Donut Derby!

This super important and prestigious event includes a 37 mile test of wills near Trexlertown, PA, and two rest stops at which one must attempt to consume as many Krispy Kreme donuts as possible before completing the ride. For each donut that you down, 3 minutes is shaved from your overall finishing time.

In typical Porkchop fashion, I was determined to lead my teammate to victory - over the donuts. And BChan, in a move that shocked even me, managed to down NINE donuts to finish on the 2nd step of the podium!

This event can really only be understood in, here you go.

Won't our sponsors be proud!!??

Squish and nom for effectively quick downing of multiple donuts simultaneously.

Oh...just ONE more...that can't hurt, can it??

Post-race donut eaters remorse... followed by the joy of the podium!!

The reality is that we rode pretty hard, averaging over 22 mph for the 37 mile ride and having a GREAT time throughout. Now, we're looking forward to the NJ Farm Stand Ride, the Lancaster Brewery Tour, and the Ice Cream Ride. I'm feeling a theme here....

UPDATE!!  Unfortunately, due to a "scoring" error, Becky's 2nd place finish was recalculated to a 3rd place finish.  Still on the podium - so that's a big YAY!  On the BRIGHT side, this same correction to the results landed the Porkchop at the TOP of the podium in the 30-39 age group, garnering yet ANOTHER podium finish for the CAWES ladies in 2011.  AND, forcing us to begin plans to defend the Derby title in 2012!!

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Season Recap

Obviously, the lack of blog posts recently speaks to the fact that the CAWES girls have mostly hung up the racing shoes for the year. We're still out there riding, of course, and some of the gals (BChan and Badger) continue to do some racing on the track. But, most of us have turned our sights to the glory of Fall riding and the season of "Paying it Forward." We will be busy in the upcoming months with the Charm City Cross event, the Junior's Day Out and Special Olympics event, lots of longer charity rides and fun jaunts around Pennsylvania, Maryland and New Jersey, and preparations for the 2012 season!

2011 was a very good year for the Wasabi Warriors....

Cat 2 upgrades for BChan and Ramba
BChan and Badger both upgraded to Cat 3 on the track
We brought home 4 state titles
We achieved 32 podium finishes
We raced in over 10 different states
We participated in over 50 different events
We loved every second of our time on the bike together!

A huge thank you goes out to our amazing sponsors, families, friends, and fans. We continue to remind everyone that it is the amazing support that all of you provide that helps us to keep training and racing hard. THANKS!!

Monday, August 15, 2011

Tour De Millersburg

The Tour de Millersburg may be one of the best and hardest local stage races in Pennsylvania. The courses are demanding and technical, the competition is ALWAYS tough, and it's in August when many folks are at their best in terms of performance.

CAWES hit Millersburg with 5 riders - Arley, Alaina, Ky, Sarah, and Leah. Our goal was simple...RAWR. That's pretty much it.

The TT went as expected, with Alaina, Ky and Sarah hitting the $$ in the top 7.

The Crit was HARD and technical. Unfortunately, we lost Alaina to a crash with 2 laps to go. She got up and finished the race, but was unable to continue with the road race on Sunday. The Road race went well for Ky and Arley, but Sarah and Leah had rough days and finished off the pace a bit.

While we ended up with a strong 6th place finish in the GC by Ky, it was not the racing that we really enjoyed over the weekend, but the amazing people that we spent it with.

Ice Cream became a very important part of the weekend...

and our slumber party in the Hillside Christian Fellowship church (THANK YOU FOR YOUR AMAZING HOSPITALITY) was an event that none of us will soon forget.

Not to mention getting to witness Michelle Bishop's interesting warm up practices - and who knew that she could pogo??

We are already looking forward to going back next year, staying at the Church and kicking some butt! Thanks, Millersburg, for being absolutely AWESOME!!

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Know the Rules

"Get that bike on the sidewalk!!"

"Get off the road!"


"Hey - you're wearing spandex!"

Yep, we've all heard these things - and others that I cannot post on our PG-13 blog! We've all encountered the furious, the angry, the jealous, the irate, and the inconsiderate driver AND cyclist out there on the road. So, the big question is...who's right?! It's pretty amazing how many people (cyclists and non-cyclists alike) don't know the rules of the road associated with bikes. Heck, I was even told once - BY A POLICE OFFICER - to get on the sidewalk!!

So, in an effort to help all individuals on two-wheels and four, we would like to encourage you to click and print out this handy-dandy guide to the rules of the road in Maryland!!

You can click on the images here and print them.

Print, laminate, and carry it with you when you ride.

Maybe make an extra or two - that way, you can help enlighten others while making your daily cycling rounds!

Happy and SAFE riding to you, get your spandex-lovin' butts out on that bike!!

CAWES and effect...

BeCAWES Gurski is such a good time trialist, she often finds herself atop the podium. The effect of this is that she has a nice collection of these...

She added another one to her collection today after taking the "Big W" at the PA Master's Time Trial Championships!! Rounding out the podium was Sturdy Girl Dana Hanchin and Cheri Fager of the Pallas Athene Racing Team. Way to go, ladies!!

Congrats to the Grizzly on another rawr-tastic win!!

Monday, July 25, 2011

Grandview-Liberty Weekend

It was a Pennsylvania weekend for the ladies of CAWES. On tap were the PA State Crit Championships (more commonly known as The Grandview Grand Prix) and the Liberty Crit (more commonly referred to by the Porkchop as the 7th circle of Hell).

Both races were going to be hard - they were both filled with sprinters and the races themselves are suited for sprint finishes - although it is possible to get away at Grandview. So, we went into them with our typical tactics: attack, attack, eat a sammich, attack, attack, attack, knit some socks, attack.

Both races went well in terms of tactics - we raced hard and I feel that we animated both events with aggressive racing, which is typically our goal. Unfortunately, the results were not there for us...this time. A great shout out to the ladies who were out there this weekend - the gals from Kenda, Pallas Athene, Alliance Environmental, XO Communications, and others who made it FUN to race!!

We may not have had the best finishes, but these photos prove that we were out there putting the hammer down...thanks to Bob Wellmon for the great shots from Liberty!

Sunday, July 24, 2011

What else is there to do after racing all weekend in 100+ degree heat than clean bikes in the shower with you teammates?
You mean Mark Cavendish and Bernie Eisel aren't??

Thursday, July 21, 2011

CAWES works with the future of cycling

On Tuesday, July 19, 2011, the ladies of CAWES met up with a formidable group of junior racers from the Rock Creek Velo racing club.

The skills clinic started with our first lesson to becoming a better bike rider and/or racer: paying attention to other riders so you can learn to emulate 'em or avoid 'em. How exactly does this work you ask? Well, we asked the girls to ride as a group with CAWES for a 3mile lap around a local training course and to watch our interactions with each other and other riders, vehicles, and pedestrians on the road. At the end of the lap, we asked the girls to tell us what they saw that looked 1) unsafe; 2) stupid; or 3) just plain silly. The girls passed our test with flying colors. Some of the behaviors they immediately picked up on included taking our hands off our bars to push another rider over, riding around with earplugs in both ears, changing lines in a corner, half-wheeling teammates in the pack, and jumping to chase onto the back of a vehicle to draft that vehicle. We discussed the consequences of each of these actions and how they could learn to avoid riders who exercised poor judgment when racing or training.

During the clinic, the girls practiced moving up in a pack, pacelining, and had a brief intro to cornering safely and efficiently with a group. CAWES had a great time meeting these extremely talented young riders and we look forward to more clinics and opportunities to see them on the podium (ahem, Juniors Day Out, Saturday Sept, 24th)...

Monday, July 18, 2011

NJ State Road Race

Yesterday was the New Jersey State road race Championships. I've been wanting to win this race for quite some time now...having finished 2nd as a Cat 4 and a Cat 3. I was unable to race the event one year because of a friend's wedding and last year I missed it because we were racing in Maryland. This year seemed like a good opportunity to make something happen. So, we headed to Mullica Township with a strong team of 5 riders: BChan, Ramba, Leah, Grizzly and me.

We had very specific tactics in mind for the day that included launching numerous 30-second attacks on the field. We started this as soon as we made the first turn in the race. First, Alaina went, then Ky, then Becky, then Leah. I tried a few little attacks, but was clearly being watched closely by the field. This continued for the majority of the first lap, with Pro Pedals and EPS riders doing a lot of chasing.

At one point, Leah was off the front with a good gap. I decided to try to bridge. I got about 3/4 of the way to her and realized that the field was closing. I sat up a bit and let them catch me about when I caught her. Naturally, Beth Bonilla of Pro Pedals launched a counter-attack just after that. She took quite a few riders with her. I got on Becky's wheel and she started to pull us we were catching, Beth and the other attackers sat up a bit. I yelled to Becky to GO...and boy, did she GO! We made the two right hand turns leading into the start/finish area with a slight gap. We learned afterward that we came through the start/finish with one lap to go (19 miles) with an 8 second gap. But, we were COMMITTED. We were going to make this work or blow up trying.

By the time we turned the first corner, we had 35 seconds. Later, we learned that we had 55 seconds, at which time Becky says, "Let's make it a minute!" and starts hammering. Our last time check was 1:20 as we were heading to the two final turns.

It was a glorious feeling to have made it to the finish line off the front AND with an amazing teammate, who turned herself INSIDE OUT today to make the break work. I made it a point (I hope someone got a photo) to point to my team name as I crossed the finish line. I could NOT have done it without the help of my team today. They were truly amazing and racing with them is a humbling and wonderful thing.

So, the ending of the story is that I now have a gold medal and another state champion jersey to wear...and CAWES took a strong 1-2 on the day! Since Becky is a PA rider, we took a few podium shots, but I only have the one official one for now that includes the top 3 NJ riders:

NJ Podium: Anne Racioppi in 2nd, Beth Bonilla in 3rd!
I have such a goofy smile on my face...I am really happy!!!

TEAM podium!! With our Specialized Tarmac, of course!

other photos will follow as soon as we get them!! :) Here are a few! Thanks to John Dutra for the great shots of the finish!

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Is This Toona Bad??

Well, at least I didn't get food poisoning from the Toona!

It was a rough week for me and the team. The time trial stage went very well...especially since I missed running headlong into the curb at 30 mph on the turn up 16th street. We all made it through safe and sound (except for Charlie - hope you're healing well, my friend) and me, Ky and Sue were all within one second of one another! Jess was sitting comfortably in the top 35 and Kacy killed it and ended up in the top 30 after the TT.

The 1st road race stage was not so successful. The race started and started fast. The first major climb that we hit blew the back end apart. Sue managed to claw her way back up to the pack, but Arley, Ky and I were blown. Arley and I made a decision at the time that seemed logical, but one that came back to bite us in the butt later. The race had a time cut. Considering that we were already outside of it when we hit the feed zone (and still had a 20 miles to the finish) we pulled at the feed zone, only to find, when we got to the finish, that they had decided mid-race not to have a time cut. We were out. That SUCKED.

What didn't suck was Kacy's result. She had finished Stage 2 in 12th! She moved up to 15th in the GC and was sitting pretty for an amazing overall result in the race. Jess had launched a gutsy attack with Alison Shanks of BikeNZ at the bottom of the Blue Knob climb. It was unsuccessful, but it was a smart, strong move! She finished a few minutes off the leader at the end of the stage.

We started Stage 3 with 4 riders - Sue, Ky, Jess and Kacy. The 91 mile race ended up being over 100 miles as the motos and directors of the race got the women's (and men's) pelotons lost SEVERAL times. To add to that, Kacy had a crash prior to the first feed zone and ended up unconscious on the road for about 10-20 minutes. She woke up in the ambulance on the way to the hospital. No broken bones, but she's trying to be all "pro" by ending up with a bad concussion. ;) Sue, Jess and Ky all finished the stage and will live to see the Crit today.

Thanks to the girls for an interesting, fun, entertaining, and enjoyable few days of racing. Best of luck on the crit today, chicas!

In other news, our pink-clad friend Jon finished 2nd in the Men's Cat 3 road race and will try to take the yellow jersey today in the crit. And, Arley left Toona early to race the Iron Hill Twilight Crit and ended up in 8th!

Best news of ALL - BADGER raced solo at the MABRA Master's Championship Crit! After racing a VERY smart race, she outsprinted her competition for the
WIN in the 35+ race!!

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Upgrade Congratulations!

CAWES is proud to share the exciting news of two Category 2 upgrades this season! For the 2011 season, CAWES welcomed Ky (aka AK or Ramba) and Becky (aka BChan or Turbo-Can-Chan) to its roster and both riders have roared through this season with one fantastic result after another. Ramba has shown her overall versatility as a racer with her wasabi-smackdowns that included taking a podium every day at the Tour de Syracuse Stage Race (1st-RR, 2nd-TT, 3rd-Crit) to secure a sprinter's jersey and overall GC and her 2nd place GC finish at the Tour of Washington County. BChan's sprinting prowess secured her two WINS in the Tour de Syracuse Crit and the Ride Sally Ride Criterium and a fantastic top 20 finish in her first NRC race at Tour de Somerville. Congrats ladies!

Monday, July 4, 2011

When CAWES Attacks

The ladies of CAWES were out and about this weekend at various and sundry locations. Some were chilling their legs in preparation for the big week at the Tour de Toona. Others were warming their legs up (and wearing them out) at some local races in New Jersey and Pennsylvania.

The crew descended upon the Heart House Omnium in several forms - Kacy, Sarah and Becky attacked the Saturday race, keeping the pace high and trying to cover and counter strong attacks by Stacey Jensen of Kenda and Amy Miner. The race ended in a field sprint with the Choppah leading a line of riders through the final corner and Kacy and Becky taking 3rd and 5th in the field sprint.

3 and 5 came back to haunt us in Sunday's race when Sarah, Becky and Leah lined up for day 2 of the 3 day omnium. This time, it was Becky who took 3rd, Sarah 5th and Leah 6th from a 6 woman breakaway. Though we attacked and attacked, Colleen Gulick, Victoria Hanks, and Amy (mentioned above) were extremely attentive and wouldn't let us go.

The third day was just for the BChan, who headed back to finish off the omnium. Narrowly escaping a crash in the final corner, Becky sprinted for 5th on the day and 3rd in the GC overall.

Kacy took her legs to Rodale on Sunday to face off with Arley against some wicked competition that included Christine Fennessy, Dana Walton, Jess Chong and Sue McQuiston (honorary Wasabi Warriors at Toona), and others. Rumor has it that Arley was an attack-throwing monster and that her tremendous work set Kacy up for a great field sprint finish for 2nd.

All in all, it was a very successful weekend for the team.

Thursday, June 23, 2011


There are many people in this world that inspire me. But, all of them have one major thing in common...none of them have ever given up. Though they face challenges, seemingly impossible barricades, distractions (oooh, shiny thing!!), temptations, or simply exhaustion, they keep going. They push just a bit harder, just a bit longer, just a bit more...and succeed. Succeeding does not always mean winning...but meeting a goal and a challenge.

If you're feeling low on motivation today...just watch this...and get some inspiration...

From our friends at the IM Able Foundation.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Tour of Washington County

Grizzly, Ramba, BChan, and the Porkchop headed out to the Tour of Washington County stage race this weekend while Arley, Leah and Badger hit up the Tour of Washington County Kick-Off Crit on Friday night!

It ended up being a great weekend for the Wasabi Warriors!

Arley finished 5th in a very fast and pretty stacked Friday night crit. Leah and Robin finished 16th and 17th, and the team took 1-2 in a prime lap. It was a tough race that included a hefty climb on the back side, and the gals put on a great show for the downtown crowd.

Saturday morning began the Stage Race.

We had some major goals for the weekend - of course finishing high in the GC was on the top of that list. Most important, we wanted to race hard, race strong, and race smart.

The prologue was tricky - it was a toss up as to whether or not to use a TT bike as it included several little ring climbs, but some fast flat sections as well. It was a fast time trial and ended up with Ky sitting in 3rd, Alaina in 5th and the Choppah in 7th. The legs were tired leading into the Road Race, but we managed to launch a few good attacks - the Choppah was solo for part of a lap and Grizzly and Emily Joyner of Virginia Asset Group were off the front for a few laps mid-race. In the end, all was brought back - due much to the work of Sara Clafferty from ABRT - and it was a group finish. At the end of the day, our GC positions were essentially the same and we were ready to head into the TT/Crit day.

The TT course was tough, but fun...with some hills and descending on the way out and lots of false flat climbing on the way back. BChan took the smart route and saved her legs for the crit - but managed to take in some important historical information while riding past the Antietam Battlefield. In typical fashion, Grizzly, Ky and Choppah all finished within 10 seconds of one another and 4th, 5th, and 6th in the TT. Going into the crit, we had great positions as 3rd, 4th, and 7th in the GC. It was time to ROCK.

The crit was, not to be redundant, critical for us. We were hoping to move Ky and Alaina up in the GC and/or get a win with the Beer Can...I mean, BChan. :)

After the 2nd time bonus prime, Alaina launched a wicked awesome attack. She got away with Sara Clafferty on her wheel. Ainhoa Perez-Diaz bridged up to them and though Monika Sattler and Emily Joyner tried to chase, we teamed up with ABRT to shut down attacks and counters. At one point, Ky launched a massive attack and managed to bridge up to the lead group. She and Alaina ended up 3rd and 4th on the stage. Choppah led the field for about 8 laps through to the finish and then brought BChan to the final corner to take 2nd in the field sprint!

The great moves that occurred during the crit moved Ky into 2nd in the GC!! It ended up being a GREAT day!
Thanks to Mike Birner for being an AMAZING director today and taking us through an incredible race today. YAY!!!!

Thanks to Jim Wilson for the GREAT photos today!! :)