Monday, November 29, 2010

Shhh.... be vewy vewy quiet.....

......I'm hunting Bambi....

In the spirit of the early settlers, I spent the day before thanksgiving, stalking my food. Though the day was chilly, and the morning early (I do have a thing for sunrises... and waking up at 4am to do anything outside beats waking up at 6am for work any day) it was also a success. Armed with an AR-15, cammie pants and a down jacket (and a bit of blaze-orange... safety first), I trudged through the woods of Crozet, VA in search of Bambi (or his dad, or mom, or really any distant relative). Lucky for me, the grown - up and non-animated version of the creature wandered into my field of fire within an hour of my arrival.

I'll chalk it up to cross training... and good practice for hunting down other teams come spring. (Not to mention delicious Noms!)

You got dropped finalist?

Monday after the Thanksgiving holiday is a busy one, so this post will be short.

I was fortunate enough to be the Chief Referee for the final cyclocross event of 2010, the MABRA Cross Championships/Taneytown Turkey Chase.

Despite the 30 degree temps, the day was--in my mind--a complete success: no reported injuries, not one protest of our results, and over 250 competitors. The day finished off with a Tandem race of no less than 13 registered teams! You guys and gals are a trip. Without further ado, I'll just post a video link I pulled from the website.

This was priceless. I haven't laughed so hard in a while.

In honor of the tandem-troopers, I got home and had a PikesTandem beer. Thanks again to Tracy Lea and Team FUJI and G.S. Silver cycles for an awesome event. See you next year!

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Sponsors!! Get your sponsors here!

Hey, you!


Visit our sponsors and buy some stuff! It's the holidays, after all!

Warm wishes for a Happy Thanksgiving and a beautiful holiday season to all of our sponsors and friends!

Dress For Success

At least, that's what I've always heard people say...right?

So, that's what we're trying to do. And thanks to the crew at Nightmare Graphics, we are definitely going to look as wicked cool off the bike as Verge has made us look while we're riding!!

A HUGE thanks to Robert, Julie and Jessica at Nightmare Graphics for helping us create these simply awesome t-shirts!

If you want to help support the team, or just think our biker chick logo is pretty sweet, drop us an email at to purchase a shirt of your very own!

We're working on a "Gear" page for the website, where you can pick up additional items with our "Biker Girl" logo (hats, stickers, headset spacers, and more goodies!). For now, visit the "Gear" page and tell us what you would like to see for sale! THANKS!

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Sponsor Weekend!

Though only a small portion of the team was present - Badger, Porkchop, Ramba, Princess Leah and a possible new addition(? oooh, that sounds like a juicy new bit of gossip, doesn't it?!) - we nonetheless wanted to show the love to some of our returning and new sponsors. So, here's how CAWES shows the love!

We took Michelle from Teaism out on a ride on Saturday morning! It was a BEAUTIFUL day - we couldn't have asked for better weather. The joys of being out in the sun for a few hours was evident on our faces at the halfway point...
Michelle, Leah, Sarah, Ky, Robin, Nikki

Even our bums were happy!

And, Michelle completed her longest ride of the year - hitting over 60 miles by the time she got back to her front door. GO MICHELLE!!!
Not only did she spend a stunning day with us on Saturday, but as we were headed out Sunday morning, we saw her on the road AGAIN getting ready for another jaunt! I don't know about you, but Michelle definitely did more miles than me this weekend!

Saturday evening, we ate sushi (GASP! I know, you're totally surprised, right?) and then...we prepped for our Sunday adventure by making cookies. Ramba (the real marine) directed the troops in the kitchen (check out those WICKED T-shirts!) to make walnut-cherry-chocolate chip deliciousness! Then the Badger followed that up with a snaptastic batch of Ginger Snaps!

Sunday met with an easy ride in the morning and a trip to watch Kris (Twenty20 Cycling) and Mike (Mid-Maryland Coaching) race at the 2nd race of Howard County Double Day Cross Race. It was a great race - and it was easy to shoot the two of them, since they were busy marking one another throughout the race! In the end, they took 4th and 5th on the day. Nice riding, guys!
And, of course...we fed them cookies! :) They were looking a little too skinny, anywho.
All in all, as was a great weekend with the Wasabi Wonder-Women! We're getting more and more pumped about the 2011 season and our awesome sponsors.

Monday, November 15, 2010


We are really, really excited to announce a special partnership for the 2011 season!

This year, the ladies of CAWES will be working with the IM ABLE foundation to help encourage people to "Get Up and MOVE!"

The foundation, created by Chris and Gretchen Kaag, helps to provide support to disabled riders by raising money to purchase hand cycles, racing chairs, and adapted skis. In addition, they are advocates of a healthy lifestyle for all individuals! We hope to work with the foundation and with local racing promoters to add categories for disabled athletes to their events, to organize rides and events that pair disabled and able bodied athletes, and to help raise money for this outstanding organization.

Please visit the Partners page on our website or the IM ABLE foundation at their website!

Help us promote and support these incredible athletes!

Monday, November 8, 2010

Food For ALL!

I think that folks may be seeing a pattern in our blog posts. When we aren't talking about riding our bikes, we tend to focus on food. So, it's no surprise that we would take notice of a super awesome, totally radical, uberly healthy new shop that recently opened its doors in Mount Airy just around the corner from Casa de Grizzly!

Food For All is a new artisanal grocery that specializes in organic, allergy-sensitive food! In addition to making and selling delicious goodies on site, they also sell loads of fantastic noms for you to take home.

So, it was natural that the team would stop by this adorable market on Saturday night before heading out for our sushi feast. We were all thrilled by the amazing selection of rice pastas, quinoas, gluten-free bread and pancake mixes, jams, jellies, juices, and just fantastic stuff!

Speaking of pancake mixes - I just HAD to pick up this apple pancake mix for Sunday's breakfast! Made with applesauce (we actually blended fresh apples to mix in!), fat free milk, and an egg, this made for an absolutely scrumptious pre-ride breakfast! Since Mitch and I didn't use the whole mix for pancakes, we made some muffins from the rest when we got back from our ride (after finishing off a bag of Balsamic Vinegar and Rosemary chips)! Also fantastic!

I can't wait to get back to Food For All to try a few more of the goodies that I was eyeing upon the shelf!
Greetings Devoted Readers,

This past weekend a few of the southern ladies made the trip up to Philly to hang out and ride bikes. The weekend started with some pre-ride noms at The Lovely Porkchop's house, complete with pamcakes and egg casserole. From there Mitch left on a long run while the rest of our contingent made the journey to Newtown, PA. It was a gorgeous (albeit chilly) day for a ride, and we met up with our pal, Fred, who showed us a really nice route.

We managed to get in some nice little climbs and dirt roads into our ride. We even had time for a group photo-op.

Things were going wonderfully. Well, at least until The Unicorn broke a spoke, snapped her chain and sheared off her derailleur. Needless to say, this all occurred at exactly the furthest point away from Fred's house.

Fortunately for us, The Unicorn is cool in crisis, emerging unscathed from the entire incident. We were able to get her and Pedro a ride back (Thanks Mo!!) while the rest of us finished our ride and headed back to Philly.

That evening we met up with Le Grizz and a tired Mitch (hey, you would be too after running 18 miles!) for some sushi. After 3+ hours in the saddle and so much sushi we had difficulty hearing, we called it a night. The next morning, we enjoyed our extra hour of sleep and a couple of us went for an easy spin through the ritzy 'burbs of Philly.

All in all, a really fun weekend of riding!

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Eight is Great, Nine is Divine!

Hey there, loyal readers. Just wanted to give yet another new introduction!!

While eight is certainly great, we think that nine is truly divine!

Please join us in welcoming the newest (and youngest) member of CAWES!

Leah Oppenheimer comes to the team from Colavita's regional squad. A strong track rider and sprinter, Leah hopes to stretch her domestiquing legs on the CAWES squad for 2011. At just 20 years of age, Leah has already been on the racing scene for 5 years!

We are very excited to have Leah join the squad for 2011 - she's going to look AWESOME in Wasabi and Orchid!!