Saturday, July 24, 2010

Grandview Grand Prix

Today, a few of the southern gals (those living in the Bethesda/Arlington region) made their way north for the Grandview Grand Prix in Malvern, PA with the northern contingent of CAWES!

This is a favorite race of the Grizzly and the Porkchop - with some fast, technical corners, and a really strong field! It was awesome to have the largest team in the peloton today and to really work on team tactics, and this is exactly what we did.

The race started out FAST. With nearly 35 women in the field in total, the safest bet was to string things out and to make sure that the first lap through the corners was controlled and safe. So, Mitch did just that! She gunned it from the start - she said afterwards, "I just couldn't help myself!" But, it was great. She made the first lap really nice and safe by forcing people to string out in a long line and take the corners one at a time instead of in a big group.

Once we had done about 5 laps, the field began to break up and a leading group of about a dozen riders formed. We worked really hard in that group, launching attacks, covering any attacks that tried to go, and controlling the pace at the front of the group. There were a few moments when it looked like a break might make it off the front, but the field was determined to see the race end in a bunch sprint.

We came through the final corner as a group and Mitch powered her way to a wicked 2nd place finish today! Robin won a prime and finished 12th today, Grizzly was 8th and the Porkchop finished 6th.

We also had the opportunity to meet some incredible athletes today as the promoter held a hand cycling race just after ours. These individuals were inspiring, especially Chris Kaag and his wife Gretchen, who founded the IM ABLE Foundation. Please visit their website to check out what they are up to!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

1st in the GC!

Last weekend, the Grizzly headed out to the Butler County Stage Race. The two-day, three-stage race included a Time Trial, Crit and Road Race.

As expected, Grizzly tore the Time Trial to shreds, taking first place by nearly a minute. She came back later that day to win the Crit on a solo breakaway, extending her lead to 1 minute, 25 seconds!

The road race included a nice climb that was sure to tear the peloton to shreds. Alaina held close to the winner of the QOM competition, Emily MacKay of TriState Velo, and managed to lose only 9 seconds to the second place GC rider.

Congrats to Alaina for bringing home a WIN in the GC!!

Wednesday, July 7, 2010