Monday, January 25, 2010

Food, socks, team

We just had our first team ride this past weekend. It's late, I know, but with the uncooperative forecast during this winter, my trainer and I have been spending lots of quality time together. I can't believe that it's the end of January already, but at the same time, I'm excited for what's in store for us in the upcoming months.

CAWES, Inc (Capitol Area Women's Elite Squad) powered by Specialized is excited to start a new year with some new and returning sponsors and members. The roster for 2010 includes Christina Briseno (Chicken), Jen Cheng (Jencheng), Sonja Evers (Goat), Alaina Gurski (Grizzly), Michelle Hart (Mitch), Sarah Iepson (Eeps), Leslie Jennings (Grim Reaper), Robin Meidhof (Badger), and Wendy Ulmer (Plain Jane). We're proud to announce our returning sponsors Specialized, Teaism, and Cerasport as well as our new sponsors Conte's Bicycles, Sports and Spinal Physical Therapy, Rhodes Chiropractic, Mid-Maryland Coaching, and Maxxis.

In addition to the new blog page, website, and the upcoming new kit designs (yes, they will be stellar!), we are proud to announce a new facebook page for the stalkers - I mean, fans - out there.

As for the inside scoop on "what happens inside the locker rooms," the ladies of CAWES p/b Specialized are preparing to sport their green and magenta. Between sharing recipes for homemade fruit oatmeal bars, getting spoiled by Robin's post-ride double hot chocolate, and looking for everything and anything that comes in lime green, we're aiming to do everything right this year - from training, eating, sleeping, working, communicating with teammates and sponsors, to being polite and courteous on the road. In other words, all that's important. As a matter of fact, Saturday's ride included an instance where everyone was stopped at a red light, and after making sure the intersection was clear, Grizzly and I signaled a "let's go" only to find the no one else moved an inch until the light turned green. As a Seattlite, I understand and respect those who practice road etiquette - both in a car, on the bike, and on foot.

Sometimes, it's just better to do it the right way.